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36 Pros And Cons Of Living In Texas (Expat Advice)

36 Pros And Cons Of Living In Texas (Expat Advice)

Texas is often one of the more intriguing states in America.

It’s common to hear about it in the news and most people do fret about whether or not it’s good to live in this part of America.

While there are numerous opportunities for you to consider and you can end up with a good-sized property in Texas, you will still want to think about everything. This is going to include the pros and cons of living in Texas.

Living in Texas is beneficial for those who want affordable property, lots of space, lots of jobs, and consistently hot weather. However, this also means dealing with bad storms, aggressive politics, and higher crime rates.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of moving to Texas before doing so. We are going to help lay down the facts in this guide for those who are on the fence about moving to Texas.

Pros Of Living In Texas


Let’s begin by recognizing Texas has a lot of land to offer.

Everything is spread out and this is beneficial for those who want to buy land in the area. New areas are continuing to be developed, which allows you to buy an affordable home at a good price point.

Affordable Homes

We do believe this is one state where the properties are remarkably affordable considering the existing financial climate in other states.

You can end up with a good home by moving here and that’s ideal for those who want to find a great deal based on their budget.

Low Income Tax

It’s common for people to want to move here due to the lower income tax.

There is no state tax here, which is ideal for those who want to take home as much of their income as possible.

You can end up saving quickly this way.

Lots Of Jobs

Texas is a growing economy, which means there are loads of new jobs popping up every day.

Companies are settling into the area and Austin is one of those cities that is becoming a business hub with each passing day welcoming more people to town.

Good Weather

Now this is going to depend on the type of weather you want.

If you are looking for warm weather throughout the year then you will want to move to Texas. The weather is always hot here.

It simply gets hotter in the summer.

Growing Community Of Expats

Expats are moving to Texas.

It’s normal to see people from all over America and the world come to Texas. It allows them to take advantage of America’s benefits while also being able to get a good-sized house out of it.

High-Quality Neighborhoods

You can pick and choose which neighborhoods are ideal for you.

We can attest to the state having loads of high-quality neighborhoods from one end to the other. You are going to be spoiled for choice here and that’s what makes it attractive to those who want to find the right type of neighborhood in the area.

Different Types Of Living Options

You don’t have to confine yourself to one type of living arrangement.

What does this mean?

You can live in an urban area or a rural area while having loads of options to choose from. Texas has it all and it comes down to what you want.

Good For Families

Families can move to Texas and feel safe because there are various neighborhoods with good schools and a strong infrastructure.

This is useful for families that are looking for a safe place to live in.

Top Companies

This is a major business hub and it is one where you are going to see lots of high-quality US companies set up shop.

There has been real growth in the major Texan cities and that is why people are thinking about living in Texas with each passing year.

With new jobs comes more people and that is what we are seeing here.

Relaxed Regulations

This is one thing Texas is known for.

They don’t like government interference around these parts and that means relaxed regulations. There is more of an emphasis on “freedom,” which leads to laws that are far more relaxed than in other parts of the US.

Fun-Filled Environment

Entertainment is not a problem here.

Each area has loads of entertainment options for you to consider. This includes various entertainment programs and sporting options for those who are fans.

Great Food

The food is excellent in Texas depending on which city you are in.

They love their meat in this part of the US, which means things such as steaks and chicken are a common sight.

You can pick and choose from hundreds of restaurants to find what works for your needs.

Good Colleges

The colleges are good here in the major cities.

It’s normal for budding talent to go to these colleges and succeed. For those who are students that want to move abroad, this might be a good place to come.

You can get an American education in a unique state.

Fascinating Natural Spots

Texas has a lot of land.

This means it also has various natural elements that are fascinating to see. If you drive far enough, you are going to end up understanding the unique properties of living in Texas.

It can be inspiring to spend time in these parts including visiting the various attractions in the area.

Good Sporting Culture

The sports culture is big in Texas.

This includes football, basketball, baseball, and various college sports. People will often talk about these sports throughout the year and they are real fanatics when it comes to supporting their favorite teams.


Texas is a clean state, which means it is not going to be out of order.

With so much land, it’s common for the areas to be spacious and comforting. This is useful for those who don’t want to feel congested and/or assume the area is unsanitary.

Growing Economy

With so many new jobs and companies in the area, it’s a growing economy.

This is why more and more people are thinking about living in Texas. It is simply the right type of economy for an individual that wants to work in Texas and make money.

If you are thinking about moving away for good, you might want to take a look at this state.

Cons Of Living In Texas

Demands A Vehicle

When there is so much land in one place, everything is going to be spread out.

This is good for buying houses but not as ideal when you want to get from point A to point B within the city.

It is important to have a car in Texas because any other method will take up too much of your time and is not worth it.

Too Much Traffic

You will want to think about the amount of traffic in Texas.

The main cities are full of cars.

Everyone has a car as it’s the only way to get to where you want to go. When this occurs, it is common to see the roads fill up during rush hour.

Unreasonable Property Taxes

While there is no state income tax here, you are going to have to pay up when it comes to property taxes.

This is not ideal for those who are buying a larger property.

Always account for this when it comes to your bills.

Prone To Bad Storms

Yes, the weather tends to be hot but that also means storms.

What type of storms?

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more. You can see it all here and it can be extreme.

Extreme Heat In The Summer

The heat is cumbersome during the peak of the summer months. This is not ideal for those who don’t want to deal with sweltering heat in the summer.

This is hard to avoid when you are in Texas.

It dries up quickly.

Average Internet Setup

While this is not a third-world country, the Internet setup here is not as good as it is in other parts of the US.

This is due to how the infrastructure has been installed.

It is not as effective or as quick as you would want it to be.

Low Income Areas

While a lot of areas around Texas are being developed, you are still going to have to deal with low-income areas throughout the state.

This is a natural part of being in Texas.

Some areas are prosperous and some are not.

Open Carry Laws

This is one thing a lot of people talk about when moving to Texas.

There are open carry laws here.

This is not ideal for those who don’t wish to carry anything on them when they are heading out. You might be apprehensive but it is a common part of living in Texas that you will have to get used to.

Unrelenting Heat

The heat is consistent and that is a major issue for those who don’t want to deal with warm weather to this extreme.

It is not just the summer when it gets ten times worse. It is also a problem in the spring depending on the month.

Power Issues

The power tends to go from time to time.

This is due to how the circuit is set up.

This does not mean it always goes but it is something you are going to experience more than you would in other states.

High Sales Taxes

The sales taxes are just like the property taxes here.

They are high.

This is going to be noticeable if you are not used to dealing with higher sales taxes.

Aggressive Politics

The political scene here is a major concern.

The politics are aggressive and it is difficult to deal with when it comes to making sure you are not ruffling the wrong feathers.

As long as you keep your politics to yourself, you will be fine. It will be something you are going to notice in Texas more than in other states.

Lots Of Accidents

Accidents do tend to happen more here than in other states.

This is due to the number of vehicles on the road.

When everyone is driving a car, you are naturally going to have more accidents to deal with.

High Crime Rates in Some Areas

The crime rates are high in some pockets of the state.

This is not a statewide issue but it is something you will want to account for. We do recommend being thorough if you are moving to Texas with a family.

Lots Of Insects

A lot of people will be surprised but there are loads of insects in Texas.

This gets worse in the summer.

You are going to be dealing with all sorts of insects including spiders when you are in Texas.

Border Security Concerns

Border security has been a hot topic in this state.

Some people state border security is not good enough, which leads to various issues associated with people coming over and criminal activities too.

Average Healthcare System

The healthcare system is expensive here and it is not as good as other states.

This is a concern for those who do want access to quality healthcare in their area.

Limited Benefits

When you are not paying income tax, you are going to see cuts somewhere.

The cuts in this case are made on the state benefits you end up receiving. You are not going to get much assistance from the government in a situation such as this.

Lack Of Diversity In Food Options

The food options are good for meat lovers.

Not so much for others.

You will find it a lot harder to find vegan options or other types of restaurants in this state.

Final Thoughts

There is a charm in Texas for those who want to live in a hearty state such as this one. These pros and cons of moving to Texas should shed light on your options.

Moving to Texas is a great option for those who want to avoid income tax and wish to find affordable housing.

It comes down to figuring out what you want.

Otherwise, we also take a look at moving to Puerto Rico on our site.