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Is Honduras Safe? (Expat Advice)

Is Honduras Safe? (Expat Advice)

The people of Honduras are some of the best in the world.

We often talk about the natural beauty of this nation and what makes it such an attractive place to visit. Expats that are moving to Honduras or tourists that are coming to this beautiful nation will often wonder about the safety of Honduras.

We used to have similar questions and understand this line of thought.

As a result, we want to take the time to answer whether or not Honduras is safe for tourists.

Here is a detailed look at how safe Honduras is and what you will want to consider as a visitor.

Safety In Honduras

Let’s begin with the simple details when it comes to staying safe in Honduras.

In general, most people are going to want to explore this beautiful nation due to its great weather, welcoming beaches, and of course vibrant culture.

Unfortunately, Honduras is unsafe in some ways.

We would not call it a safe nation and one where you are going to be able to walk freely without consequence. You will have to be careful because you’re going to be dealing with pickpocketing, drugs, corruption, and general violence depending on where you are going.

Does this mean you should not go to Honduras?

No, it is a lovely nation and the people are great even with the crime rate in Honduras being higher than other nations in the region.

For us, we looked for safer areas within Honduras. This included places where there were more expats in Honduras.

Tourism has continued to grow to this part of the world and millions of people visit Honduras every year. This illustrates the charm of coming here whether you are going to the Bay Islands or other parts of Honduras.

The main issue here has to do with the gang wars.

Gangs tend to bring with them crime and this leads to all sorts of issues throughout Honduras. It also impacts the locals as they often end up between the two gangs.

You have to be careful when it comes to avoiding those areas in the region.

Where To Stay Safe In Honduras

Let’s assume you are going to Honduras and want to stay safe.

Where are you going to stay?

We would recommend taking the time to find areas where the crime rate is lower.

The first spot we are going to list would be the Bay Islands because they are well-regarded for having a lower crime rate and a welcoming setting. It is uncommon for violence to take place here, which is ideal for tourists.

You are unlikely to come across this type of violence when you are in the area.

In the area, a good option would be a place such as Roatan Island. We took the time to stay here and it was beautiful because the island is easy to enjoy. This is where you are going to have ample space to take a look at the natural beauty of Honduras and still enjoy the developed nature of the island. It is common for tourists to want to spend time here.

You will also want to take the time to look at a place such as Utila Island.

This is a nice one because it is going to give you a wide array of things to do including opening up new options such as local cuisines and natural attractions. You can see all of this while staying safe.

The one place we would not go to would be San Pedro Sula.

This is a part of the nation where you are going to see crime all over the place. We do not recommend first time travelers to end up here because it’s unsafe.

Tips For Staying Safe In Honduras

Don’t Travel Alone

Based on what we have seen in Honduras, it’s not ideal to travel alone through the nation.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible but you are going to have to be far more vigilant here on your own. When you have a second person, it’s a little easier to not become a target as a solo traveler is easier for criminals to go after.

The same goes for female travelers.

We don’t believe it’s a good idea to go on your own. If you have at least one more travel partner, you are going to be far safer in Honduras and it’s going to be easier to get to where you want to go. This does not mean it’s impossible but you are going to want to consider having someone with you.

Avoid Tap Water Here

It’s easy to want to turn on the tap and just fill your glass to the top on a hot summer day in Honduras.

We don’t recommend this and it is deemed to be unsafe.

It is far better to drink from a bottle that has been packaged. This is going to be cleaner and safer for the average tourist. Otherwise, your gut health is going to be in serious danger while you are here and that’s unideal.

Consider The Northern Coast

We took the time to head out to La Ceiba and it was lovely.

The northern coast is quite underrated in this part of the country. You are going to have ample natural beauty to look at including the gorgeous greenery and beaches. The people are lovely and laidback, which only ads to the appeal when you are here.

Take the time to look into visiting this region and make the most of it without welcoming criminal activity.

Avoid Driving Here

We don’t think it’s smart to drive in Honduras.

You are not going to want to drive here because the driving conditions are uneven and unsafe. It is adding risk that is unnecessary for most people. You will want to look into other transportation options when you are in Honduras.

Not only are the roads dangerous but so are the drivers.

The rules are not applied here as much as they should be and you are going to have to pay high toll fees too. It’s just not worth it.

In general, the best option for us was getting a taxi in Honduras.

They are well-trained and accessible, which is ideal for the average tourist in the country.

Final Thoughts

Honduras is unsafe for most people, but it’s still possible to visit it as long as you are patient and plan everything.

Don’t walk out at night and always make sure you pack your valuable carefully. If you flash them, you are going to become an easy target.

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