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12+ Best Souvenirs In Italy (Local Approved)

12+ Best Souvenirs In Italy (Local Approved)

While searching for souvenirs on the Internet in Italy, it’s normal to get overwhelmed by the various options that are out there.

While sitting in a Florence cafe, we took the time to start compiling a few options based on our experience throughout this beautiful nation.

Italy is a fascinating place because there’s so much to do and the culture is great.

This is what allows you to go through various souvenirs in Italy before coming up with something you are going to prefer.

Here are the top souvenirs in Italy.

Best Italian Souvenirs For Tourists

Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is a unique luxury and one you are going to want to find in Italy.

When we were scouring the local markets, we saw this beautiful ingredient and it was out of this world. The type of taste it adds to your food is going to blow you away!

Truffle oil is a must as it is going to help recreate some of those classic Italian dishes you have been eating in Italy.


This is a traditional souvenir in Italy but there are loads of variations for you to choose from.

Look for mugs as they are sold in the open markets and you can also find them at malls throughout Italy. This is why we like what Italian mugs have to offer as they are gorgeous to look at depending on where you get them.


Thought about getting an Italian book?

This is a unique souvenir in Italy because it’s appealing to look at and set on your bookshelf. You are going to appreciate how beautiful the book is and it’s going to stand out when it comes to providing something unique.

We would also look at getting an Italian cookbook with all of the best Italian recipes in one place.


What is one thing Italy is known for?

It’s pasta!

As a result, it is great to go out and find dried pasta to take back with you. It is going to be easy to pack and load, which makes it ideal for those who want to get some of that taste for their next pasta recipe at home.

Take advantage of this with some of the best dried pasta in Italy.


We adore the cookies that are sold in Italy.

A lot of tourists will wonder about some of the hard cookies that are sold here. You are going to fall in love with them as they come in tins and are a joy to eat.

Take the time to try a few and then get the ones that are going to be worth taking back home with you.


We took the time to walk through the markets in Italy and realized that ceramics are out of this world when it comes to intricate details.

When we were in Tuscany, this became apparent.

The attention to detail is tremendous and it’s going to allow you to pick out a piece that will stand out.

Burano Lace

There is one item that is going to make you want to look for it and that’s Italian lace.

The Burano lace is world-class.

It’s found in Venice and it is one of the most beautiful things you are going to get to see. We would highly recommend looking for this type of lace when you are in town.

Leather Items

Leather tends to be sold around Italy.

The leather is not only good-looking but it’s also robust. This means the leather item you are going to end up getting whether it’s a leather wallet or a jacket, you are not going to be disappointed with the attention to detail.

They put a lot of time into sourcing the best leather in Italy and that is going to stand out for buyers.


This is another classic souvenir in Italy.

You can look for different types of magnets in Italy that are in line with your taste. We would recommend going to one of the local markets and pinpointing potential magnets to take with you.

Not only are they going to look good but they are going to be affordable at the same time.

Italian Chocolate

Chocolate is always a nice thing to take back with you and it is going to satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.

Italy tends to be home to various places where the chocolate is world-class.

You can take a look at some of the local chocolate shops that only do this for a living. The quality you are going to find here will be exceptional.

Jarred Peppers

It’s important to consider potential ingredients that you can add to your recipes.

One ingredient you are going to want to buy would be the jarred pepper. It tastes wonderful and is going to add to the quality of your recipe.


Just like the jarred pepper, it’s essential to think about the use of spices in your recipes.

The spices are world-class.

You will want to take a few jars with you back home as it is going to be well worth it.

Final Thoughts

These are the top souvenirs in Italy for tourists.

Take the time to add a few to your collection to take back home right away.

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