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Is Los Angeles A Depressing City? (Solved)

Is Los Angeles A Depressing City? (Solved)

Whenever people talk about Los Angeles, it’s done with the bright lights in mind including all of the glamor that comes with this charming city.

However, it does make you wonder, is everything as it seems? Is it all positives for a city like LA or is there something we’re missing?

Just like most cities, Los Angeles is not perfect nor should it be claimed as such. It has pros and cons similar to other cities we’ve visited.

Is Los Angeles a depressing city?

Los Angeles is not a depressing city. It has beautiful locales, gorgeous weather for large parts of the year, good beaches, and a vibrant arts culture. However, it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, has too much traffic, and has pockets of crime throughout.

For those who are looking to prosper, it’s going to be a struggle in Los Angeles. This is due to the high rent, tourism, and of course competition.

For those who are visiting Los Angeles, this is one of the most breathtaking cities on the planet and a must-see.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of Los Angeles as a city.

Pros Of Los Angeles

1. Beautiful Locales

It’s best to start with the beautiful locales.

If you are looking for some Instagram-worthy attractions with the glowing sun in the background then you are in one of the best cities on planet Earth.

There is a gorgeous sight wherever you look and that is always enticing for tourists.

Whether it’s with the view of the Hollywood sign, one of the beaches, or something as simple as Rodeo Drive, it’s a charming city that is sprinkled with gorgeous sights.

2. Good Weather

The weather in Los Angeles is also exemplary.

Is it good throughout the year?

No, it does get hot during the summer but this is nothing most people from around the world can’t manage. While other parts of the world deal with terrible winter months, this is not a concern in Los Angeles.

It will be slightly cold but nothing like what you are going to get in other regions. This is a pleasant surprise for tourists that want to come in the colder months.

3. Great Beaches

There is nothing like the beaches here.

These are some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country and you are going to be beaming from ear-to-ear during the warmer months.

There are so many options as you drive around and you will have a great time along the coastline. Not only are the beaches easy on the eyes but they are also vibrant places to spend time in.

You are going to get embedded into the beach life right away and that’s what makes it a beautiful experience everyone should enjoy.

Just lounging on the beach is a great experience and something you will fall in love with.

4. Vibrant Arts Culture

Let’s not forget about the vibrant arts culture in LA.

This is home to Hollywood, which means you are going to have stars or budding stars throughout the area. It is common to see stars here and there, which is why it is quite ideal for those who love that part of the arts culture.

However, there is, even more, to do in other segments of art.

Whether it’s fine arts or more, you are going to see the finest talent in the city. This is appealing to those who love the creative side of things and want to be at the center of it.

Cons Of Los Angeles

1. Expensive City

Okay, it’s not all good in LA.

Some people state Los Angeles is soulless. While others believe Los Angeles is empty. What makes them say this?

It starts with the cost of living in Los Angeles.

It is sky-high and going to cost a lot to live for long periods. Those who reside in the city permanently are paying a lot just to survive and that’s not ideal when the same amount of money can get you much further in other parts of the world.

Any place that is costly is going to be hard to live in. This is where you have to weigh the pros and cons based on your budget.

Even as a tourist, it is quite expensive.

2. Too Much Traffic

When you are visiting Los Angeles, you are going to notice this throughout the day.

There are too many cars on the road and that leads to significant traffic rushes in various parts of the city. It can get to the point where nothing budges for 10-15 minutes and that is simply inexcusable when wanting to go a short distance.

Even a short trip becomes a task, which is not good for those who are already on the clock and want to get somewhere quickly.

3. Pockets Of Crime-Ridden Areas

This is going to depend on where you are going in LA.

Tourists are going to notice sudden changes in neighborhoods between areas that seem safe and unsafe. This is not ideal as you never know where you are walking and whether or not a neighborhood is safe for you.

So, how do you avoid this as a tourist?

Just look to focus on the main touristy spots and you will be good to go. These areas are more protected with more tourists making them an ideal place to spend time in.

Final Thoughts

Is Los Angeles depressing?

Los Angeles is not a depressing city. It is just like any other expensive city. It has lots of things to do with gorgeous sights but this also means constant tourism with high costs. For those who can afford it, Los Angeles has a lot on offer.

If you are thinking about visiting Los Angeles, it’s best to plan your stay. Set up an itinerary for Los Angeles and make sure you are looking at getting an Uber in LA to save money.