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What To Do In LAX For 6 Hours? (Simple Tips)

What To Do In LAX For 6 Hours? (Simple Tips)

LAX or Los Angeles International Airport is a busy hub and it’s common for travelers to have connecting flights from the airport.

When this is true, you are going to have time to spend at LAX.

What if you are spending 6 hours in LAX? Is it possible to head outside for a bit?

When waiting at LAX, feel free to roam around by visiting the airport shops, grabbing something to eat, visiting the in-house spas, or heading out to Manhattan Beach (a 10-minute drive) to soak in the sun depending on the time of day.

Six hours is a lot of time for those stopping over at LAX.

You can plan to do a few things, enjoy what the city has to offer, and still get back in time for your next flight.

If you are someone that wants to stay inside the airport for six hours, we have a comprehensive set of things you can do at LAX too. If not, we will also highlight a few quick trips you can take outside the airport.

Things To Do Inside The Airport

1. Visit The Shops

Airports always have duty-free shops for you to enjoy.

LAX is no different as you will have a fascinating time walking around looking at some of the shops inside LAX. There are plenty of options for you to go through and it is easy for a person to splurge a bit while wasting time inside the airport.

Some of the shops include:

  • AllSaints (West Gates)
  • America! (West Gates)
  • Belkin (Terminal 6)
  • Book Soup (Terminal 7)

The list is endless and there’s something for everyone at LAX. There are several different shops whether it’s clothing, perfumes, jewelry, books, or anything else you can think of that would be a nice pickup on the go.

We do recommend spending time at the shops if you are looking to pick up something for the trip you’re on. With so many shops to choose from, you are going to end up enjoying your time walking around from shop to shop at LAX.

Even if you don’t end up buying something, you will get to make the most of the window shopping you do.

2. Grab Some Food

What about eating during the layover?

Most people are going to be hungry and will want to fill up before heading back for the next flight. With this in mind, you are going to be spoiled for choices at LAX.

Food at LAX is a treat for foodies.

Some of the food options include:

  • 800 Degrees Pizza (Terminal B)
  • Ashland Hill (Terminal 7)
  • B Grill By Boa Steakhouse (Terminal 7)
  • Betcha Burger (Terminal 1)
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Terminal 5)

Just like the shops at LAX, you are also going to be overwhelmed by the food options at the Los Angeles International Airport.

3. Go To The Spa

Some people are going to be tense after spending time on a plane.

This means you might want to wind down during the six hours and perhaps go to one of the spas at LAX. There are a few spas that are ideal for travelers and will be quite an experience for those who have never been to a spa at the airport.

The two spas are:

  • Be Relax Spa
  • XpresSpa

Both are world-class options with some of the world’s finest spa services. You are going to gain access to cutting-edge spa treatments that will help pass the time and be a breath of fresh air too.

4. Enjoy The Airport Art

Are you an artsy person that loves to look at fresh art?

The airport is home to the LAX Art Program. This is a specialized art program designed to beautify the airport and its sprawling halls from one end to the other.

It’s exciting to pinpoint these art pieces throughout the airport and it will perk you up as you are spending a few hours at the airport.

You can walk around throughout the airport looking at these pieces because they are breathtaking to look at.

Things To Do Outside The Airport

1. Manhattan Beach

What if you are someone that wants to leave the airport in Los Angeles?

You are in luck.

The first option is going to be heading over to Manhattan Beach. This will be a nice place to spend time while you wait for your flight to be ready.

It is a 10-minute drive from the airport making it ideal for those who just want to see what the weather has to offer in LA, especially during the day.

Manhattan Beach is a pleasant place to be for those who love the water and want to see what LA is all about outside.

We recommend booking an Uber when going to Manhattan Beach.

2. El Segundo

If you are just looking to walk around, observe some of what LA has to offer, and visit a few shops then it might be time to walk over to El Segundo.

This is quite close to the airport, which means you are going to be well within reach and won’t get stuck in traffic while coming back.

This might not be the same as going to the beach, but for a lot of people, El Segundo can be quite a bit of fun while interacting with the locals. It is a quick trip that will be easy for you to handle.

You won’t even have to think about spending time in the city without a vehicle.

Final Thoughts

What can you do in LAX For 6 hours?

When in LAX for a layover, it’s recommended to check out the wide array of shops and dining options while also spending time at one of the in-house spas. For those who wish to explore a bit, head over to Manhattan Beach or El Segundo.

This does not have to be a depressing city because there’s lots to do inside and outside the airport.