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Visiting The Pyramids Of Cholula (Local Advice)

Visiting The Pyramids Of Cholula (Local Advice)

Having seen the Rocky Point in Mexico and enjoyed our time at a cenote in Mexico, it’s always nice to also look at a gorgeous tourist attraction in another part of the nation.

During our trip to Mexico, we were often hearing about the Pyramids of Cholula and how they were worth checking out.

We knew this had to be something that would go onto our itinerary as soon as we got the chance to include it.

As soon as we landed at the Cancun airport in Mexico, we began mapping out how we would get to the Pyramids of Cholula.

This guide is going to help take a look at the history of these pyramids in Cholula and why they are special.

History Of The Pyramids Of Cholula

It’s best to start with the history.

It all started with the Cholula region because it was one of the most robust at the time. This would have been around 100 BC and a lot of work was done by the locals to make sure it was a prominent force at the time.

This meant a wide array of architectural developments that took place at the time.

One of those developments came in the form of the Cholula Pyramids.

A tremendous amount of work was done during this period up to 600 AD, which included a lot of people moving to the area. This was due to the community at the time wanting to make sure there was a pyramid set up in the region.

Of course, it is not the same as it used to be now. A lot has gone away because other structures were built in the area, but some of the region has been preserved.

This is where the Cholula Pyramids come into the equation.

Visiting The Pyramids of Cholula

Let’s assume you are looking to visit the Pyramids of Cholula.

If you are thinking about doing this, you are going to want to go to the Great Pyramid in Cholula. This is a substantial pyramid that is quite robust both in size and stature.

You are going to see it from far away.

Most people will want to head to this part of Cholula whenever they are in the area. This is due to the pyramid standing 54 meters in height. It is a noteworthy landmark just for this reason and a key attraction for tourists in Cholula.

A lot of work was done to build this pyramid.

It was designed with care and the civilization in the region took its time to put it together. This included spending years to have it develop with the latest materials at the time.

Most tourists that go now get to see the base of this pyramid along with the nearby smaller pyramid. You are going to want to check it out in greater detail whenever you are there in Cholula.

Most people are also going to notice its size.

If you go with a guide, you are going to get to take a tour of the Great Pyramid and the surrounding areas. This adds to the appeal of going here and making the most of your trip.

We were able to walk throughout the area and this included going to the southern side of the pyramid. This was a fascinating sight because it showcased the historical nature of the architecture and how much detail was put into crafting the pyramid.

We continued to stroll through and also pay attention to some of the nearby attractions. This included the altars that were set up.

These have been maintained for the most part, which is quite unique to look at.

We took the time to observe the altars and just pay attention to how they were designed. Work has been done over the years to reveal some of these elements around the pyramids and that adds to the overall view you are going to get when you are here.

We do recommend taking a look at this and walking around.

Tips For Visiting The Pyramids Of Cholula

Go With A Guide

How are you going to be going to the Pyramids of Cholula?

This is not the same as visiting Lake Chapala in Mexico, where you can do it on your own. We would highly recommend taking the time to book a tour.

This is going to help simplify the process and make sure you are getting to see the pyramids in the way they are supposed to be seen.

Walk Around

You should always look to walk around.

It is not just about taking a few photos from the front. It is about strolling around and seeing as much of the architecture in the area including the finer details.

You will end up missing out if you don’t do this.

Be Prepared For The Heat

Yes, the heat is going to do a number on you and it’s something people are not always prepared for.

It can get hot in the warmer months.

This means you are going to want to apply sunscreen and put on a hat. This will help shield the sun that is going to be pounding down during the middle of the day.

Final Thoughts

This is what you are going ot want to do when it comes to going to the Pyramids of Cholula.

Mexico is a breathtaking place with tremendous ancient history.

You are going to want to make the most of this when you check out this part of Mexico.