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Rooftop Brunch In Los Angeles (Our Favorites)

Rooftop Brunch In Los Angeles (Our Favorites)

Whether it’s getting coffee in Venice Beach or heading to downtown Los Angeles for a fun time, we know you are going to be looking for the best spots.

Having spent time in LA, we are well aware of the best spots around town and what we feel is right for your needs while hunting for a good rooftop brunch restaurant.

Getting rooftop brunch means not only thinking about the food you are going to be eating but also the rooftop experience that comes along with it. You have to think about both details and we have done this for you here.

Here are the top rooftop brunch spots in LA and what makes them great for foodies or those who want a great view while eating.

Best Places For Rooftop Brunch In Los Angeles

Mama Shelter

  • Address: 6500 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Mama Shelter has a vibrant name and it signifies everything this rooftop restaurant has to offer. As soon as you walk through the front door, you are going to be welcomed by an interior that’s bright, courageous, and simply outstanding.

We found this to be one of the more intriguing rooftop establishments on the market right now.

It has everything a person wants whether it has to do with live music, great food, or just the customer service on offer. They have thought of everything and we found that to be intriguing when it comes to having a good time.

Let’s talk about the rooftop view here.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is!

The rooftop view is exemplary at Mama Shelter and it is going to take your breath away. We were in love with the overall view of the city especially on a sunny day. You could see the Hollywood sign and it simply exemplified what it means to be in LA.


  • Address: 700 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Calabra is a hearty rooftop restaurant that has been designed with care.

We found this to be a great restaurant that does all of the little things right. You are going to be thoroughly impressed by the overall menu and customer service because they have spent time crafting a top-tier selection of dishes.

Along with the great menu, we do need to talk about the charming rooftop setup.

The view is great and you are going to have a good time enjoying the world-class food. We loved how they spent time making us feel comfortable and ensured there was a laid-back feel at the same time.

This is great as you do get to enjoy a quality view while having a relaxed time at the rooftop restaurant. The food was right in line with what you want and they have several options to choose from.

The Rooftop At The Wayfarer

  • Address: 813 Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Those who are looking for a quality rooftop restaurant in the heart of the city, you will want to start with The Rooftop at The Wayfarer.

This is located at the Wayfarer hotel and it is quite an exemplary restaurant on its own. Most people will be looking at the rooftop view but we believe this is simply an outstanding restaurant that’s going to impress right away.

We felt the menu was well-rounded for a brunch and they are detail-oriented with what they give to you. You can have a wonderful time on the hotel’s rooftop and it provides the type of view that will blow you away.

We thought they made sure to serve us fine cuisine for brunch that was right in line with what we had wanted.

Loulou Rooftop Restaraunt & Lounge

  • Address: 395 Santa Monica Pl #300, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Loulou is one of those restaurants that offer a complete package that will make you content.

They have done a good job with a well-rounded menu and the view is to die for. This is one of those rooftop restaurants where you are going to be amazed at the view as soon as you settle in. They have also done an incredible job on the finer details including the seating and its positioning.

We felt right at home and their customer service was exceptional too.

The Front Yard

  • Address: 4222 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91602

This is a unique one because it’s not a traditional rooftop restaurant but it is one that is going to give you a world-class experience in North Hollywood.

Why do we recommend this restaurant?

For us, this is excellent because you get to enjoy a setting that is cozy at all times of the day. We went here for brunch and felt like it was simply homely and the customer service was great at the same time.

Final Thoughts

In our eyes, these are the best places for rooftop brunch in LA.

Rooftop brunch spots in LA are aplenty and we believe it’s important to compare variables such as the menu, view, and customer service before choosing where you are going to go to eat. The ones that have been listed here are great.

We found these locations to be great with a well-rounded menu.