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11+ Top Water Parks In Las Vegas (Local Approved)

11+ Top Water Parks In Las Vegas (Local Approved)

Going to the water park in Las Vegas can be a refreshing change.

Most people are going to take the time to walk along The Strip, but there is more to do in this sparkling and vibrant city.

Families will often head out to a local water park and have a blast.

If that is something you wish to do, it’s essential to find the best water parks in Las Vegas. We have spent time in Las Vegas and this has helped us build a comprehensive list of top water parks in Las Vegas for you to enjoy.

Best Water Parks In Las Vegas

Walnut Water Park

The Walnut Water Park is a quaint option for those who want something straight to the point, entertaining, and safe.

We like this water park because it’s been designed with care and you can enjoy lounging in the sun here while having a great time. Most people will bring their families out to this water park as it is a welcoming location with lots to do.

You are going to have a place to play different sports, enjoy time with the slides, and/or walk around while seeing the sights around you. There is so much to do here and it’s quite peaceful at the same time.

Mandalay Bay Beach

Mandalay Bay Beach is a gorgeous stop for those who want to enjoy a great water park.

This is an area where you are going to have a selection of options to choose from including the casino itself, a beautiful selection of swimming pools, and of course the beach area.

We have found this to be a lot of fun because you can lounge on the beach and still have a great time with the water park as a whole. There is so much to do here and it’s one of the more serene options on the list.

Desert Breeze Aquatic Facility

This is not the biggest water park in Las Vegas.

This is a facility that has been designed to offer a couple of water slides and then a water setup that is going to allow you to swim around for a bit. This is ideal for people who just want to dip their toes in the water, slide around, and have a good time without splurging.

We like this place because it’s safe, fun, and entertaining.

This is a must for those who are bringing their children to the area and want to keep things as cost-efficient as possible. If that is you, this is a good option to look at.

Red Ridge Park Kids Water Park

The Red Ridge Park Kids Water Park is a refined place and it’s common for people to bring their families to the location.

It offers an overall place to have fun that is going to be great for a day out in the sun.

It’s not just the water features but also the amount of open space to sit and enjoy your time in the park. We like this part of the park because you can eat out and just have a good time.

You will often see people playing basketball here or even enjoying a game of disc golf when given the time to do so. Plus, the splash pad itself is wonderful and quite fun for those who are feeling hot outdoors.

The Tank

The Tank is a robust water park and it’s something you are going to enjoy just for how aesthetically pleasing it is.

We often recommend people to bring their family to this particular location because it’s an attraction of its own. This is due to how the park is set up and how well it’s going to work when it comes to the overall quality of the place.

There is an aquarium on-site that is often mentioned by visitors. It has sharks in it and that appeals to people who want to go to a top-tier tourist attraction that is going to let them enjoy the sharks alongside the water slides.

Cowabunga Bay

Cowabunga Bay is a beautiful water park and it’s a common stop for those who want to have fun and enjoy a myriad of water slides in one place.

The water park is home to a variety of water slides with over 29 water slides to choose from in one park.

This allows you to go from one to the other and have a great time. We also recommend taking the time to head to the beach areas and enjoy the water with your family.

It’s common for people to bring their children to the park because there are specialized areas for kids to enjoy the water. This is known as the Kids Cove and is a heralded part of the water park in Las Vegas for those who want to bring their family.

The Splash Zone at Circus Circus

The first thing people are going to notice is the massive slide tower on-site.

This slide tower rises to 50 feet in the air, which is substantial for those who want to experience a unique drop that’s going to bring a smile to their face. People that come here are going to have a wonderful time.

You are going to be looking at guests who are going to have loads of fun when it comes to managing different types of water slides. Everything has been designed to maximize the water setup and that includes the use of spill buckets and water cannons.

Cambridge Water Park

Locals often talk about this water park when it comes to choosing a budget-friendly water park in Las Vegas.

It’s straight to the point and that’s why we love it.

The Cambridge Water Park has been set up where it’s designed to offer a simple selection of options with access to water features. This allows people of all ages to come in and have a blast because there are slides and more on-site.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

This is one of those water parks in Las Vegas that you are going to hear about at one point or another. It’s a famous water park and it is close to The Strip.

This means you can quickly pop over to the water park and have a great time on a hot day.

What makes it special?

This particular water park is great because you can enjoy the vast amount of space ensuring it’s not busy all the time. Plus, you are going to have 26 water slides to choose from and the ones made for adults are quite thrilling.

Thrill seekers will often come to this water park to enjoy these specific water slides.

We also found the food options to be great here. This is one of those Las Vegas water parks where you are going to enjoy your time and you can simply lounge on the side and still have a blast.

The Aqua Park at Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is a unique spot.

You are going to be dealing with a water park that has been set up with great detail. It is designed as an obstacle course, which is quite different from some of the other options on this list.

The Aqua Park offers a selection of bridges, slides, and jumping pads for you to use. This allows you to experience the water differently.

In essence, it’s almost like being a child again and having a great time with different obstacles and water in one place. We find it to be a lot of fun and it is going to test you too.

You can sign up for a pass and then have a great time on-site. It’s well worth it.

The Mirage Pool

The Mirage Pool is noted for being an exemplary option for those who want to enjoy the best water slides in Las Vegas.

The water slides have been set up to stay safe and make sure you are getting to enjoy an adventurous experience before hitting the swimming pool. We adore the overall aesthetic of the Mirage Pool and it’s a great place to chill out too.

Final Thoughts

These are the top water parks in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer and the water parks here are some of the best in the business. Take time out of your day to head to one or more of these water parks because you will have a great time.

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