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Whale Watching In Nova Scotia (Hidden Gems)

Whale Watching In Nova Scotia (Hidden Gems)

The joy of whale watching in Nova Scotia is unparalleled.

It’s an experience you’re not going to get in other parts and it can become a lifelong memory you will hold dear to your heart.

While all of this is true, it’s important to be prepared when you are going to Nova Scotia for whale watching.

We have spent time in the province and found the best spots based on our experience. This should help whale watchers in Nova Scotia want to make sure they do things the right way.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to watch whales in Nova Scotia.

When To Go Whale Watching In Nova Scotia

There are peak seasons for whale watching in this region.

It’s highly recommended to start heading out in the summer as that’s when most whales pass through the area, but it’s possible to see them during the earlier days of autumn too.

For the most part, we believe it’s best to aim for June-August as that’s going to be right in the middle of whale-watching season in the area.

It’s important to note, the patterns are going to change each year. This is natural as whales are going to adjust their path based on the conditions in front of them.

This is why you want to aim for a larger window and go during the peak time when whales are out.

Where To Go Whale Watching In Nova Scotia

So, where do you have to go to watch whales in Nova Scotia?

There are a few spots and sometimes it’s going to come down to timing more than anything else. We have spent time in the region and have a good grasp of what you should consider.

A lot of people prefer going to Cape Breton for this experience and that’s where we have seen whales too. It’s common for people to head out to the area and then watch for whales along the shoreline but that is going to come down to what time of the year you’re going.

The Bay Of Fundy

This is one of the premier spots for whale watching in Nova Scotia.

The number of whales that pass through this area tends to be higher than the rest of the region. This increases your chances of being able to spot a whale or two as they pass through.

We have seen the blue whale here and it is quite the sight!

The best part about this region would be the whale-watching tours. You can connect with a tour operator here and head out into the water to take a look at the whales that are nearby. Once again, this can end up being more about luck depending on the time of year but it is well worth heading out into the water with a guide.

People will often sign up for a Zodiac tour in the region as this will allow you to hop onto a cruise and then begin your whale watching.

It’s common for people to spot different types of wildlife in the region.

You are going to like taking the tour and exploring the area to your heart’s content. Take the time to do this and enjoy the whales that are nearby.

Cape Breton Island

As mentioned before, Cape Breton Island is one of the hotspots for whale watchers.

You are going to have a great time here and it’s common to see all types of marine wildlife nearby. This allows you to head out into the water and have a great time whether you want to see whales or other animals.

We do recommend setting up a tour and then enjoying the rest of the region too.

This includes being able to enjoy some of the local hiking trails that are available in the area.

One of the hidden reasons we like Cape Breton has to do with the dolphins. Yes, you can end up spotting a dolphin or two depending on the time of year. This is a fascinating experience and it’s something you are not going to get in the Bay of Bundy.

If that is what you want, it might be time to put Cape Breton Island at the top of your list.

Otherwise, a lot of people like going to the Bay of Fundy because there is variety there. This is useful for those who want to see all types of whales and other animals in the same place.

The tours can be quite exciting when you are there for this reason alone.

Final Thoughts

This is all you need to know for whale watching in Nova Scotia.

We also recommend heading out to Vancouver for whale watching. You can also check out wildlife in other Canadian cities including comparing Vancouver to Toronto, comparing Vancouver to Victoria, and heading out to Montreal.