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Who Owns The Hilton Hotel Chains? (Explained)

Who Owns The Hilton Hotel Chains? (Explained)

Hilton Hotel has been around for decades and is one of the most well-established names in the industry.

This begs the question, who owns the Hilton Hotel chains?

Hilton Hotel’s owners are shareholders who have invested in Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., which includes multiple organizations such as the Blackstone Group.

We have taken the time to put together a comprehensive article on the Hilton Hotel ownership and its breakdown for those who are intrigued by how it all works.

History Of Hilton Hotel

It’s important to start at the beginning.

Hilton Hotel was not always in its current configuration including the various locations that have opened nowadays.

At one point, it was a small hotel that had been set up in Texas before beginning to expand further in the state. This was occurring during the early 1900s with small-sized locations that were welcoming a few hundred people per month.

As time went on, there were more properties that began opening up in various parts of the country. This included New York.

As more and more money was being made, the Hilton Hotel started popping up around the world as it became the staple of hospitality around the world. A lot of nations welcomed Hilton Hotel because of its standardized quality.

Current Ownership Of Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel is a well-recognized chain now.

It is a brand in the world of hospitality and is spread across the planet with hotels in various nations. This has allowed it to expand and become a more reputable name that is trusted for its service and high-grade features.

The current ownership is set up with Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., which allows for multiple Hilton brands to be placed under one umbrella organization. This also allows various shareholders to buy shares in the organization. Since it is sold on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), it’s possible for individuals to also own shares in the company.

As of right now, there are thousands of locations around the world that are owned by this organization and they continue to expand with each passing year.

Of course, it’s also important to further understand the breakdown of how this organization is owned. For the most part, The Blackstone Group is one of its biggest shareholders when it comes to companies, but individually Christopher J. Nasetta is the biggest individual shareholder.

For investors, this is a good sign as it indicates confidence in the business when the CEO is its biggest shareholder.

The Blackstone Group

The Blackstone Group is one of the world’s biggest private equity firms and is based out of America. It is noted for having a significant investment in this company as it bought out the business in the early 2000s.

As of right now, Blackstone does not have complete ownership of Hilton as it did sell privately before maintaining some of its shares. This includes having approximately 15% of the shares in the organization right now.

There is considerable history here when it comes to Hilton ownership and how they have developed over time. In its current state, the organization continues to diversify as a public company to make sure it is getting enough investments to keep running the company.

Final Thoughts

This is the breakdown of Hilton’s ownership and how it is set up.

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