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21 Best Places To Live In Europe As American Expat (Updated)

21 Best Places To Live In Europe As American Expat (Updated)

Europe is a fascinating continent.

It offers a wonderful array of cultures, languages, and people for you to immerse yourself in. It is a great place to live in, if you are thinking about leaving America in the future.

As a result, it is important to learn more about what makes Europe special and which cities stand out. If you are thinking about moving to Europe as an American, you are going to want to break down your requirements from the country you’re going to.

We have taken the time to cut the list down to only the best-rated European countries for expats in our opinion.

Here is a look at each city and what makes it a great place to move to for Americans.

Top Places To Live In Europe As An American Expat


Lisbon is a charming city and is one of the premier destinations in Portugal.

It is welcoming, diverse, and offers some of the most beautiful sights in the nation. It is common for expats to move to Portugal and head straight to Lisbon because of its natural beauty.

We find this to be the best city in the country.

The cost of living is reasonable in Lisbon and the people are welcoming. We believe this is one of those cities that is going to be a great place for you and your family.


Barcelona is a world-class major city in the heart of Spain.

Anyone thinking about moving to Spain is going to have Barcelona on their list as a potential option. It’s a riveting, aesthetically pleasing spot that has all of the qualities required from a major city in Europe.

We adore how aesthetic it is and how everything flows whether it’s healthcare, education, and/or the people with their interactions.

If you are thinking about a city in Spain, this would have to be right at the top.


As you begin figuring out your Spanish visa in the US, we believe it’s important to have Madrid as a potential city to move to in Spain.

Madrid is a more authentic, easy-going experience for those who want to move to a major city while still getting to explore a unique destination in Spain.

Most people will look at Barcelona as a leading place to live in and it is quite enthralling. However, you can get even more if you take the time to consider Madrid.


Dublin is one of the ultimate cities when it comes to moving to Ireland.

We have spent time praising this gorgeous location because it’s different from some of the others. It is authentic, quaint, and offers all of the plus points you’re going to be looking for in Europe.

We also like its positioning in Europe as it allows you to visit England whenever you want to.

This is simply one of the more stunning cities in Europe and a great place to move to for Americans.


Living in London as an American is a common option and one people do prefer.

This is one of the most diverse major cities on the planet. It’s a melting pot of cultures along with the historic nature of London as a gorgeous locale.

Whether it is the sightseeing, easy-going people, or charming aesthetic, London is a major city you can easily put on the list for a move. While it is pricey, it is also stunning to live in.


Vienna is the capital of Austria and is its best city.

The architecture is appealing, easy on the eyes, and offers a historic look at what makes Europe distinctive. There aren’t too many places on the planet where every inch of the city is dripping with historic value.

This is what you will enjoy about living in Vienna along with the quality people, friendly culture, and beautiful attractions.


For those who are thinking about living in a country where everything is done to care for your needs then Denmark might be right at the top of the list.

Along with this benefit, you are also looking at a top-tier European city in the form of Copenhagen.

This is a charming, historic city that has world-class attractions everywhere you go.


Sitting along the River Rhine, Basel is a gorgeous city in Switzerland.

There is a simple elegance about this city that will take your breath away. There aren’t too many places such as this on the planet where you are going to be immersed in its natural elegance.

It is quite the sight and it is also one of the safest places to live in. You will feel right at home here and that’s what makes Basel special.


Istanbul is a cultural hub and it is commonly known for being an international connecting point in Europe.

Along with its wonderful location in Europe, it is also one of the premier major cities in Turkey. You are looking at a city that is jam-packed with religious and traditional history. People come from all over the world to see this gorgeous major city.

You are going to enjoy the culture here and it is going to make you feel comfortable as you are walking around.


Amsterdam has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

It is welcoming, fun-filled, and offers a walkability score that is quite remarkable. It’s easy to get around when you are in Amsterdam and this does appeal to those who want to get away from some of the car-driven cities of America.

Along with the historic sights, you are also going to get to enjoy world-class eateries here.


Germany is home to numerous high-value cities that have been designed with a lot of care. This is going to include the gorgeous Berlin.

Berlin is a calm, serene city that has been constructed with diligence. Every inch of this city is meticulously well-kept and the people are hospitable too.

It is a charming city that is going to be great for those who are private and wish to live a safe life.


Walking the streets of Brussels can be fascinating.

It is jam-packed with unique landmarks and sights that will take your breath away. Brussels is a welcoming city and is the capital of Belgium.

It is one of those places where you are going to settle in and just lounge for a bit. It is a laidback setting that is fun, special, and great for those who want to immerse themselves in European culture.


This is a tourist hotspot when it comes to Greece.

People come from all over to have a good time and the nightlife is remarkable in Mykonos. While this is one of the most beautiful parts of Greece, it is also a nice place to live in.

You are going to enjoy the good weather and the people are always looking to have fun due to how touristy it is here.


This is another world-class city and a common option for those who are thinking about coming to Portugal shortly.

Porto is a refined, authentic city that has the traditional Portuguese flavor you would be expecting when you are arriving in the country.

We find the cost of living to be good here along with the major amenities. You will feel good about living here with your family.


The neoclassical architecture of Edinburgh is world-famous.

This is the capital of Scotland and is a safe city for those who want to move to Europe. We enjoy this city because it has great history behind it and you are going to fall in love with everything it has to offer.

You will appreciate how gorgeous Edinburgh is.

It has scenic sights, traditional castles, and the healthcare system is world-class. You will feel safe here and it is also gorgeous.


Most people think of London when it comes to the UK.

However, Manchester is a world-class major city in the UK and is just as appealing. This is a well-rounded, beautiful city that is up in the North of England.

You are going to find it to be diverse, welcoming, and unique in its own way. It has a few English elements that are far different from what you would find in London and that often gives it a more authentic experience for those moving in.

If you want to find something more affordable then Manchester is a better bet than London.


Antwerp sits along the river and is a top-tier port city in Belgium.

Most people are going to be looking at Brussels when it comes to Belgium but Antwerp is just as intriguing. There is a sense of charm associated with Antwerp because it’s laidback, offers gorgeous architecture, and is welcoming.

When you walk around, you will be mesmerized by the architecture.

The region is renowned for its 17th-century elements, which give it a distinctive European look that is quite appealing to those moving from a place such as America.


This is one of those cities that does not need much introduction.

Paris is the “romantic” city when it comes to Europe. However, it’s not just a place for you to go for a honeymoon.

Instead, it’s a place that is going to offer you the type of beauty everyone wants when it comes to architecture, cuisine, and quality of life.

Everything about Paris is intriguing and a great option for those who want a change.


Sitting along the coast in Croatia, this is the largest city in the nation and it stands out due to how gorgeous it is.

Split is a bustling city where a lot is going on but the people are laidback. This makes it a unique place to enjoy your time and it is also slow enough for you to settle in.

We like what Split has to offer as a city and it is indeed a calm place for you to relax in.


If you are thinking about moving to Italy then it’s time to put Rome on the list.

The architecture in Rome is special.

Various landmarks have been preserved over the years and offer a breathtaking sight for those who are walking around. Not only is this great for tourists but it is also a great plus point for those who live in the city.

We find this to be a robust, riveting city that is a great place to live in.


If you want something robust, walkable, and friendly then Belgrade is often a good option to live in.

Belgrade is fascinating because of its historic value and how fun it can be to walk the streets. Each street has something unique to offer and this can be mesmerizing for those who are moving in.

The culture here is to be laid back and that can be fun for those who are coming from America.

Final Thoughts

These are the best places to live in Europe as an American expat.

We find these to be the top cities in Europe for American expats. Take the time to look at the positives of these cities to see which one works for you.

It’s always best to do your homework including getting a job, where you’re going to live, and how your quality of life is going to be.