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How To Dress In London (Local Approved)

How To Dress In London (Local Approved)

During our time in London’s Blackheath, it was common to spot unique outfits wherever we went.

We were looking for a property in London but also wanted to get a gist of what the local vibe was. The one thing we noticed was how well-dressed everyone was in the city. It also pushed us to want to dress our best.

Those who live in London will often mention this as people like dressing well. Everyone has a unique take on what that means but it is a part of the local setup.

Here is what we have learned about how to dress in London.

Common Outfits In London

We have noticed a lot of people prefer to wear well-fitted items in London.

It’s all about making sure nothing is baggy or too tight. It’s going to be well-fitted whether you are wearing a suit or a casual outfit.

Londoners will often focus on this and make sure to reduce the number of colors they’re wearing. It’s not about standing out.

The most common outfits we saw in London were a simple pair of boots, chinos, and sweaters. This was seen with the average man around London when they were not wearing suits in the financial district.

For women, it was common for them to wear a dress or a pair of pants with a blouse. When it got colder, they would put on a long coat with a sweater.

What Should You Wear in London?

Let’s assume you are going to London for the first time.

What do you want to wear as soon as you arrive?

Whether you are shopping from Walmart or somewhere else, it’s all about the fitting. You need to get it spot on to not stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Even when you are walking through the busier parts of London, you are going to realize people are wearing clothes that suit the weather. When we went to the London Eye, it was apparent the locals and tourists were focused on the conditions and wore outfits in line with that reality.

Always pay attention to the weather.

If it is raining, you will want to put on a coat and make sure to bring your umbrella. It is also common for people to put on a sweater in these conditions.

As it gets colder, you are likely going to want to put on winter boots. This will ensure you can walk around easily when there’s ample moisture around.

If it is clear outside, you are welcome to put on loafers or sneakers depending on your outfit.

What To Not Wear In London

It’s important to focus on items that are of little value when you are heading to London.

The one thing we realized was it’s usually not a good idea to put on longer heels in London. It is difficult to walk around and you are going to get hurt.

Yes, some people do it but only when they are going to be spending most of their time indoors. If you are a tourist and walking around, it’s best to stick to ankle boots or sneakers.

It’s also not good to go crazy with the colors of your outfit.

You don’t want it to be too colorful as that is going to make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

What To Wear In London In Spring

If you are going to be in London when it’s starting to get warmer, you will need to be prepared with the right outfits.

In the spring, it is going to be raining a bit.

This is normal and it will clear up as it gets hotter during the summer months.

You should be looking to wear a sweater and chinos as a man. Women can put on a blouse and pants depending on where they are going. The main thing is to have a coat ready for these conditions along with a pair of boots because of the weather.

What To Wear In London In The Fall

As the summer months begin to fade away, you are going to have to start focusing on the temperature again.

It’s going to be cold, but not too wet during this time of the year.

We often prefer to put on leggings or trousers during the fall in London. This ensures we are flexible with our outfits while also being able to get around from place to place.

What To Wear In London In Winter

This is going to be the coldest point of the season and you will want to be prepared for it.

Londoners will often take out their warmest clothes during this time of the year. We would recommend thick sweaters, jackets, scarves, and even leather gloves to keep the hands warm.

It’s going to be brisk during the morning and you need to be ready for this in London.

You need to put on layers as a man or woman in London.

Otherwise, you are going to be frigid, especially in the morning. It can get quite cold with the potential for snowstorms too.

As for the footwear, keep things simple and put on those boots.

What to Wear in London in Summer

As the weather begins to heat up, you are going to want to get more liberal with your clothing.

This is the best time of the year in London when it comes to the temperature. It’s going to get warmer and this is when you are going to want to take out your dresses as a woman or shorts as a man.

You can wear anything as long as it keeps you cool.

We would recommend putting on a polo shirt as a man with a pair of shorts or pants. You can even go with a T-shirt and jeans to keep it casual.

For women, you will want to begin working on those summer dresses that you’ve been collecting. Since a lot of tourists arrive in London during this time of the year, you can be far more open with your outfits as the temperature is going to be pleasant.

Final Thoughts

These are the things to wear in London.

It is a modern city and people from all walks of life are here. This means you are going to have a great time putting on your favorite outfits.

The main goal has to be to understand the weather conditions and then put together the outfit.