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Is Ibiza Expensive? (Local Guide)

Is Ibiza Expensive? (Local Guide)

While some will want to check out snowy places in Spain, it’s more common for a person to want to go to Ibiza.

Our trip to Ibiza was a boatload of fun, but we know people worry about how costly it’s going to be. After all, you are not going to have infinite money for your Ibiza travels.

Since we were in the same boat, it’s important to look at how costly Ibiza is.

Whether we were buying seafood in Spain, ordering an Amazon package in Spain, or looking at cars in Spain, we always had an eye on the cost.

Ibiza is known for its top-tier bars and nightclubs. It’s a party region and one where people from all parts of the world visit to have a great time.

We were also looking to do the same, but we realized it was going to be pricey. This is due to the costs we were seeing as soon as we took a look at the attractions or even the food items.

Let’s take a look at whether or not Ibiza is costly.

Expenses In Ibiza

Since you are going to be heading to the bar or club at one point in Ibiza, you are going to have to keep tabs on these costs.

If they spiral out of control, you are going to have a huge bill on your hands!

For example, we went out for a meal and it ended up costing around €90 for two people. It is a lot of money and it will start to add up if you want to go to a good place. This is due to the view and the overall cost of being in Ibiza.

If we start to break down the costs of being in Ibiza, you are going to start to notice how expensive Ibiza can be.

This can include spending €150 per night on a good hotel, €80 per day on a rental car, and of course the food prices in the restaurants/bars/nightclubs.

We ended up spending €3000 over a week. It’s a lot and it is going to add up when you start including the flight tickets to Ibiza on top of these costs.

Tips For Saving Money in Ibiza

Keep Track Of Your Costs

It’s important to keep track of your costs.

Some people will go to Ibiza and become reckless. This might be fine if you are rolling in money, but not so much when you have a budget to adhere to.

We have seen lots of tourists do this in Ibiza and it’s simply unwise.

We highly recommend taking the time to keep track of your costs.

Don’t Splurge On A Good Hotel

You will want to make sure to avoid splurging on a good hotel.

The reason we say this is the average person will barely be spending time at the hotel. Plus, most hotels in Ibiza are good and are going to offer the amenities that you are hoping for.

If you want a good view, it’s better to just go to the beach instead.

Try Cheaper Restaurants

It’s also wise to make sure you are trying cheaper restaurants along with fine dining. Don’t just stick to the big restaurants in Ibiza.

Yes, those are good, but we were impressed by the regular eateries around town too. They had great, local food that tasted in line with what we wanted.

We see a lot of people spending €80 per meal and that is just not worth it!

It might be good here and there, but otherwise, you are going to want to keep things within a set budget or it will get hard to see the positive results that you want.

Set A Daily Budget

We have seen some people refuse to set a daily budget.

This is a mistake because a daily budget is essential. You are going to have to stay within your means and still have fun. If you have no control over your budget, you are going to find it quite difficult to stay within a set limit in Ibiza.

It’s a place that’s made for people to splurge on a whim.

Go During The Low Season

If you have control of your schedule, it’s better to avoid peak season in Ibiza.

This is when everything is going to cost a lot and it’s going to add up. You are better off making sure things are kept under control and you are going during a lower time of the year.

For example, it’s better to go during the winter.

This is when you are going to get a much better deal.

You can end up saving on most things in Ibiza by doing this starting with your flights. Otherwise, you are going to have to pay more and the foot traffic in Ibiza is going to be higher during the peak months as well.

Final Thoughts

Is Ibiza expensive?

Yes, Ibiza is quite expensive during peak season and it can add up. Whether it is hotels, restaurants, bars, or major attractions, you are going to be paying a lot. It’s essential to budget and stay within your means because you can still have a good time in this part of Spain.

It’s all about budgeting with a purpose.

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