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17+ Reasons To Go To Mallorca – Is Mallorca Worth Visiting? (Tourist Guide)

17+ Reasons To Go To Mallorca – Is Mallorca Worth Visiting? (Tourist Guide)

Mallorca is a gorgeous island in Spain that’s commonly associated with natural beauty, great weather, and charming people.

Tourists will often talk about visiting Mallorca during their trip to Spain and some might worry it’s not going to be worth it.

We took the time to go to Mallorca when we were in the country and it’s time to shed light on how we felt about it as tourists.

Was it worth it?

We will point out the pros and cons of going to Mallorca.

Reasons To Visit Mallorca

Gorgeous Beaches

When the weather is good and you’re on a Spanish island, it’s common to think about spending time on the beach.

The beaches in Mallorca are some of the best we have ever seen.

The weather is clean, it’s warm everywhere you go, and the sights are exemplary. We took great photos of the beaches here and just loved spending hours under the sun soaking in everything that was around us.

Yes, some parts have more tourists than others but you are not going to be disappointed by its natural beauty.

Gorgeous Streets

It’s a Spanish island, which means the colors are going to be everywhere you go.

We were amazed at how beautifully everything was designed including the streets. As you are walking around, you are going to become mesmerized by the attention to detail of these buildings and how energetic they are.

We fell in love with this aspect of the island and it’s often an underrated element.

We would highly recommend tourists walk the streets of Mallorca when hoping to enjoy its natural elegance. You are going to be amazed by it instantly!

Amazing Food

The food on the island is world-class.

You are going to hear your stomach grumbling as soon as you walk by one of the local restaurants. It’s simply wonderful to spend time here because there are so many different types of food including some of the best seafood you are going to have.

It’s highly recommended to try the local dishes including the popular Coca de Trampo.

Gorgeous Hiking Trails

When we were on this island, we heard about the gorgeous hiking trails of Mallorca.

It was common for people to want to be outdoors and that’s normal when you are on an island such as this one. It’s beautiful, interesting, and the weather is great!

We loved being able to hike here.

It was outstanding because the hiking trails opened us to new plants, wildlife, and unique views that would otherwise have been missed. We do recommend those who are outdoorsy to hike on a few of the easier trails.

Good Weather

If you speak to Spanish locals, you won’t be hearing about snow in Spain here!

The weather is excellent on the island and that’s what makes it an appealing tourist spot. People love coming here to soak in the sun and just enjoy the warm weather. It’s great throughout the year, so it doesn’t matter when you show up to make the most of the good weather.

Of course, it does get warmer during the summer, but it is still nice.

Fantastic Attractions

When we spent time in Mallorca, we wanted to see all of the attractions on the island.

This had to be a part of our itinerary.

From the attractions we saw, there were specific places that stood out. For example, the Medieval walls in Alcudia or the Capdepera Castle were breathtaking. There is so much history dripping from these places and you are going to be enthralled by it all!

We also adored our time looking at the Palma Cathedral because it was gorgeous along with the Bellver Castle.

Historic Island

This is not just a simple island where you are going to come for touristy activities and then head off to other parts as history buffs.

No, you are in the wrong if you think like that!

Instead, Mallorca is a historic place and an island that has ample history behind it. This includes various civilizations that have been here and the rules they have implemented on the island. You are going to get to learn about this whenever you are on the island.

Just the architecture is going to shine a light on this as you walk around!

Relaxed Ambiance

If you take the time to speak to the locals, you are going to gain a good understanding of how relaxed the vibe is.

It’s a calm, charming island.

Tourists tend to come to relax and party, while the locals are also enjoying the good weather. This is one of those islands where the weather is going to blow you away with how good it is.

Ideal For All Tourists

Are you thinking about going to Mallorca as a couple or as a solo traveler?

We are aware of this and it’s common for some spots to be better as a group rather than a solo traveler. We would not say the same about Mallorca.

It’s wonderful for all types of travelers.

You are not going to mind this when you are here because Mallorca is that good. It’s peaceful, varied, and great for those who are history buffs too.

Breathtaking Scenery

When it comes to natural beauty and greenery, you are not going to find too many better places in Spain than this.

Mallorca is stunning.

It’s a place that has all of the natural elements you are going to want to see in one place. This includes the delightful beaches, trees, and open fields. We fell in love with being able to look everywhere around us and just be astonished by the nature of Mallorca.

It’s fascinating to be able to explore the island and feel like you still need to see more!

The photo opportunities you are going to get here are some of the best. This includes those who head out to the beaches or the small towns.

Lovely Wildlife

A lot of people don’t realize this but Mallorca has a wide array of animals roaming around.

If you take the time to go to the greener parts of the island, you are going to begin to see various types of animals and it can be exciting to be able to see them so closely.

We also took the time to head into the water to check out the dolphins. It was a beautiful sight!

Refreshing Culture

Mallorca is excellent when it comes to its cultural presence.

For example, if you take the time to walk the streets, you are going to begin to appreciate those historical elements that are everywhere. We spent time at the George Sand Museum and also explored the various small towns to pick up on these cultural elements.

It was amazing to learn how unique the place is.

This is an island that has a thriving culture and you can learn all about it at the various historic landmarks spread throughout the island.

Easy To See From One End To The Other

We know some tourists don’t like renting cars on an island.

You might want to keep things simple and just walk around or use local transportation methods such as the bus.

If so, you are not going to mind being here. This island has a good transportation setup and the buses will take you to all of the hotspots on the island without a fuss. We even recommend it to those who want to save a bit of money.

All of the spots are accessible with their world-class transportation system.


If you are someone who likes being able to explore a nice town that’s welcoming, has ample history, and is also going to offer world-class Spanish cuisine then you will want to head to Palma.

Palma de Mallorca is the real deal.

It’s such a fantastic place to stay because every inch of it is mesmerizing. We took the time to mingle with the locals, check out the attractions, and of course enjoy the buildings that were around us. It was intriguing to be in Palma because of how riveting it was.

Beautiful Towns

We wanted to see every part of Mallorca when we were there, which is why we started to hear about the towns from the locals.

These towns are immaculate.

We took the time to head to Alcudia when we started our journey and it was impressive. It is not just the vibe of these towns but also the beauty. It’s simply outstanding and something you are going to love about being here.

The locals are lovely and the food is great here too!

Reasons To Not Visit Mallorca


We felt some parts of Mallorca were pricey.

We would recommend budgeting for this including when you are spending money at a restaurant. It is a tourist spot, so they do bump up the prices closer to the key attractions including the beaches.

If you are aware of this, you are going to be good to go.

Lots Of Tourists

When we took the time to be here, we realized there were a lot of people around during the holiday season.

This is because other areas become colder and those people come to Mallorca.

This is not ideal but can be worked around for those who are willing to schedule to the calmer times of the year away from the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

We do feel Mallorca is worth visiting in Spain as a tourist.

It’s ab beautiful place and there’s a reason so many tourists show up to the region when the weather is good. If you don’t mind how many tourists are around, you are going to find the area to be world-class and fun.

We recommend going when it’s calmer in the spring as that is when you can optimize your trip and do things without dealing with the rush.

Otherwise, it’s a great place and you are going to love it!

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