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15 Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai (Expat Advice)

15 Pros And Cons Of Living In Dubai (Expat Advice)

When it comes to the best places for digital nomads, Dubai is often one of the first regions people mention.

This is due to the lack of income tax, which makes it easier for digital nomads to earn money and use it as they want. We also find this to be a major advantage and it’s something we admire about Dubai compared to other regions that welcome digital nomads.

However, there is a lot more to expats moving to Dubai. The lack of income tax is just one reason.

This guide will shed light on the pros and cons of living in Dubai for expats.

Pros Of Living In Dubai


This is one of the biggest advantages of living in Dubai.

Expats living in Dubai will often mention the safety of this region as being a prominent benefit. You can easily leave an expensive valuable out in the open without having to think about it.

It won’t even be touched.

People know the laws are strict in Dubai, which means they don’t attempt to pick up valuables as the punishment is harsh in this part of the world.

A lot of people have stories about forgetting items and being able to go back to get them from the same spot.

Cost-Efficient Transportation

Transportation is essential when you are going from place to place.

It is relatively cheap in Dubai as the infrastructure has been developed to make sure you can get from one end to the other easily.

Those who are looking to save a few bucks will want to look into the transit system and make the most of it. Even those who are going to be renting a car will be fine as the fuel prices are lower in this part of the world.

No Income Tax

This is the biggest advantage for expats moving to Dubai.

You are going to be residing in a place that does not have an income tax. This is essential when it comes to earning a living in Dubai and making sure you are getting proper value for the effort you are putting in.

This is essential for those who want to work hard, earn a good amount of money, and make sure it’s coming back to them at the end of the month.

This will not be an issue in Dubai due to the lack of income tax.

English Is Common

Are you someone who only knows how to speak English?

It is not going to be an issue in Dubai. The average person will know how to speak English and the region is full of expats, which makes it the universal language for people that are working in the area.

It doesn’t matter where you go, you should be able to find someone who speaks English.

They might not be fluent in English, but they will be able to get by.

Lots To Do

This is one of the reasons Dubai is a major tourist attraction.

There is a lot to do and you enjoy riveting nightlife when you are in Dubai.

Whether you are looking to take a trip out to the desert to ride camels, walk around the largest malls, or head over to the Burj Khalifa, there is always something on offer here.

A lot of money is being pumped into building Dubai, which includes designing top-tier tourist attractions.

High Standard Of Living

When it comes to being an expensive place to live, Dubai is right up there with the others.

Dubai is expensive and this is what allows it to set a higher standard. You are going to see people doing well all over Dubai and that is going to lead to more wealth in the region wherever you go.

People drive nice cars, live in nice houses, and are simply doing well.

This increases the standard of living across the board.

Warm Weather

Dubai is a region built in the desert, which means the conditions are hot.

You are rarely going to see rain pour down in this part of the world. For the most part, you can guarantee what the weather is going to be like for the next few months without worry.

It is going to be hot and it’s going to be sunny. This is the standard weather in Dubai.


Dubai takes pride in being a tourist place, which makes it well-maintained.

A lot of work is done when it comes to cleaning the streets and making sure everything is as it needs to be.

This appeals to people that visit Dubai and/or live in Dubai.

You are going to enjoy the cleanliness of the region.

Cons Of Living In Dubai


There is a price to pay for luxury.

Dubai is a luxurious place to live whether it has to do with the average interaction you’re going to have as a resident or the amenities that are going to be made available to you.

Even the real estate that you are going to buy in Dubai is going to be pricey.

This is something you will want to account for when moving to Dubai as an expat. You want to make sure you have the funds to keep up with the daily costs of being in Dubai.

Hard To Find Alcohol

Are you someone who loves drinking alcohol?

Alcohol is not easy to come by in this part of the world. It is against the religion, which makes it haram and not welcome out in the open in Dubai.

Does this mean you are not going to have alcohol available to you when you are in Dubai? No, you can still find it but it’s only going to be made available in pre-approved parts of Dubai.

Licenses are handed out to establishments that service alcohol in Dubai.

Concerns About Premarital Cohabitation

Premarital cohabitation is a no-no in Dubai.

This is once again a part of the religion of the region, which is why it is not approved legally. Those who are staying with a partner outside of marriage are not going to be following the rules of the land.

It’s essential to be aware of this as you can get charged for premarital cohabitation.

Summers Are Too Hot

The heat of Dubai is always going to be a point for those living in the region.

It tends to get scorching hot during the summer months. In the winter, it is still going to be hot but far more manageable for those who want to stay cool.

The same is not going to happen for those who want to make sure they are staying out of the heat in the summer. The temperatures rise and you are going to have to stay indoors to avoid facing the brunt of the heat.


Censorship is a part of how things are done in Dubai.

There is a lot of control when it comes to things such as freedom of speech and what is permissible in Dubai.

This is a part of being in this region and it’s something you are going to get used to. A lot of things that are put in front of the populace are regulated and this ensures a specific message is sent out that is pre-approved by government agencies.

Political Issues

Politics are a concern in Dubai.

There are a lot of political issues that are continually simmering in the background and the average person might not know of them.

The only time you are going to realize this is when you are residing in Dubai. There are concerns about how things are being done and this does create an issue for those who are going to be spending a long time in Dubai.

Strict Regulations

The regulations are strict here.

This is one of the reasons the crime rate is low, but this also tends to become an issue for those who want a bit of freedom when they are residing in Dubai.

You are not going to have the same freedoms as you might have in other regions. This makes it far more important to be careful about your lifestyle and how you do things in this part of the world.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to look at these details when it comes to living in Dubai.

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