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What Was Los Angeles Like In The 1970s? (With Examples)

What Was Los Angeles Like In The 1970s? (With Examples)

The 1970s were a fascinating time throughout America and Los Angeles was no different.

The vibrant Californian city was developing in stature and was quickly transcending as a tourist hub with more and more people interested in its warm weather locale.

This also meant certain qualities coming to the forefront as LA began to develop. This was seen not only in society but also through LA’s architecture. Everything was changing and people were determining whether it was for the better or not.

Some of the qualities of Los Angeles in the 70s included a deeper love for the Lakers, sprawling spaces, a growing love for the beach, and the development of becoming a renowned tourist hub among Americans.

Locals often talk about that period as being one that was caught between Los Angeles as a quieter place to stay and one that was growing in prominence with each passing year.

Here are some of the things that stood out about Los Angeles in the 1970s.

Qualities Of Los Angeles In the 1970s

Sprawling Spaces

The one thing that was obvious had to do with the sprawling spaces.

Los Angeles is different now than it was back then. There were fewer developments spread throughout the core of the city, which meant it was common to see open spaces throughout the region.

The population was also smaller and that meant it was less busy around the city including downtown LA.

These sprawling spaces also welcomed new construction as time went on. However, the 1970s was still a time when it was common to find open spaces in some of the busier parts of the city and not bat an eyelid about it.

Lakers Championship Run

The Lakers are a big part of modern-day Los Angeles.

Was it the same back then?

Indeed, the Lakers were still a major passion for Tinseltown and something people talked about a lot. Basketball was growing as a sport and the Lakers had quite the history in the sport as superstars played on its team.

However, it was in the 1970s that they started winning including getting their first championship. This is what turned things up a few notches for the Lakers. Everyone became passionate about the sport and all that it had to offer.


Now, this is an interesting one.

At that point in time, Los Angeles was still known as the heartbeat for media and it was developing due to its warmer locale. This meant all aspects of media were changing and developing including newscasting.

A lot of adjustments were being made in newscasting and it was stemming from LA.

People often talk about this element of Los Angeles and how it helped put the city on the map. Newscasting was a serious business in Los Angeles and it only became more noticeable as the decades went by.

Love For The Beach

This is one love that has been constant for a long time.

Beaches are a part of Los Angeles and it is common for people to want to go by the water as summer rolls around.

This love grew bigger with time as the beaches were developed in the 1970s. A lot of work was done to make them more exciting including the developments that were made around the beaches to make them more attractive places to visit.

It was not just about the water but also about getting people to stay there for a while. This is when larger developments began to show up around the beaches.

Growth As A Tourist City

The 1970s started to showcase growth in tourism for LA.

Locals started to see more and more people come in from other parts of the world. This includes other parts of America as people wanted to see what Tinseltown was all about including its gorgeous beaches.

People knew the weather was great in LA and they wanted to see it firsthand. This is what started to push tourism forward for those who were looking to enjoy the perks of being in Los Angeles.

This growth in tourism continues to develop up to now. People love coming to LA and rightly so. It is a beautiful major city.

Final Thoughts

What was LA like in the 1970s?

LA was known for its sprawling spaces, gorgeous beaches, and love for the Lakers in the 1970s. It was quietly developing into a media hub while also showcasing its tourism potential with each passing year. This came to the forefront in the 1970s.

As time has gone on, Los Angeles has become one of the more prominent major cities on the planet let alone America.

Los Angeles is known for its romantic spots, anime shops, and gorgeous downtown attractions.