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12+ Best Beaches in Orlando (Local Favorites)

12+ Best Beaches in Orlando (Local Favorites)

We have explored Venice beaches in Florida, horse-friendly beaches in Florida, and Florida’s Horseshoe Beach, now it’s time to look at Orlando’s beaches.

Orlando beaches are gorgeous and it’s a beautiful place to sit under the sun.

We wanted to relax after spending time at Disneyland, so decided it was best to head to the gorgeous beaches nearby. We were impressed by the number of options all around us and it came down to choosing what best suited our needs.

We planned out how we were going to visit as many as we could before we recommended them to our readers.

Let’s take a look at the top beaches in Orlando and why they are so good.

Top Beaches In Orlando

St. Pete Beach

Let’s begin with St. Pete Beach.

This is a remarkable beach and it offers a gorgeous town that’s full of eateries, boutiques, and things to do for those who want to spend time walking around.

It’s not just about the beach but the surrounding area because that’s a vibe too!

We loved it here and there was so much to do for those who want to have fun.

We found the warm sand to be perfect and it was nice to be able to walk around just enjoying as the waves were coming in. The views that you are going to get from here are impressive and we highly recommend just sitting here for a few hours to soak it all in.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is world-class for those who want to enjoy different water activities.

We saw people in the water having a good time as they were jet skiing, swimming, and just making the most of the warm water.

This beach is great because it’s also ideal for surfing. We wanted to learn how to surf and that’s when we decided to hop over to this gorgeous beach. It’s a great one for water sports enthusiasts.

Ponte Vedra Beach

The Ponte Vedra Beach is world-class and the ideal option for those who want to drive out to a beach instead of staying nearby.

This is a gorgeous beach because the views are tremendous.

The one thing we appreciated was the open space we found on a weekday. This allowed us to settle in and just enjoy the waves coming in without too much thought. Sometimes, this is the real joy of being on a beach.

The area also has gorgeous viewpoints for those who want to look out into the water.

St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Beach has long been cited as a beautiful place to sit by the water.

We found this to be a tranquil place because it’s an immersive experience. It’s not just about sitting on the sand here because you are going to gain access to high-quality food options nearby and the St. Augustine Lighthouse is amazing too!

We had a lovely time walking to the lighthouse, going to the top, and just enjoying the view. This is something you are not going to get at some of the other beaches.

We felt this was a more wholesome experience with historic value if you take the time to look at the fort.

New Smyrna Beach

The New Smyrna Beach is a wonderful place and a good day trip from Orlando.

We took the time to enjoy the beach, settle on the sand, and just head into the water. It was a pleasant, clean experience and we also enjoyed our time going to the local shops in the beach town.

This adds to the experience, especially for those who love checking out the local shops. We also took the time to go to some of the art galleries, which were wonderful and had beautiful art pieces for you to check out.

This is a great beach with lots of space too.

Vero Beach

The Vero Beach is a common place for those who are going to be heading straight to the resort.

There is a beautiful resort here that is known for bringing in tourists. We simply took the time to go to the beach because we wanted to see what the hype was all about.

The beach was great.

It was clean, beautiful, and the views were sparkling. We liked the idea of being able to take beautiful photos here and sometimes that is what matters the most!

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is commonly reported as being a world-class beach in Florida.

You are not going to be disappointed by this spot because it’s simply outstanding. The one thing we liked about this beach was the number of people having fun on the sand. It added to the ambiance when we went and let us enjoy what it means to be on a Florida beach.

We would say this is great for those who like being in the water and just want to have a good day out.

Indialantic Beach

The Indialantic Beach is a great option for those who are looking to head straight into the water as soon as they arrive.

It’s a place that’s made for surfers and anyone who likes water sports.

We don’t mind doing this, so it was fun to head out into the water for a bit of exploration to see what it’s like here. The beach was great and then we took the time to check out some of the local eateries, which was enjoyable too.

Flagler Beach

Are you someone who likes surfing?

If so, you are going to want to consider the beauty of Flager Beach. This is a good beach with decent waves, which will add value to a surfer’s experience in Orlando.

We took the time to head out here more to sit on the sand, which was a pleasant experience too. You are going to find open spaces here and it is nice to be able to check out the views from here. Otherwise, you can always head into the water for a swim.

Canaveral National Seashore

Canaveral National Seashore is a more all-encompassing experience in Florida.

What does this mean?

It is not just about relaxing on the beach when you come here because you are also going to get to do a bit of fishing, boating, kayaking, and surfing. It’s an all-around success for those who want to have fun and make sure they are getting a comprehensive experience on the beach.

We loved it here because it was also quiet.

The beauty of the beach here is that it offers something for everyone. For a larger group, sometimes this is important and adds value to the experience.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach has long been regarded as party central.

The beach is just a setting for those who want to entertain themselves and indeed that is the vibe we got here. There is a younger crowd here, which means you are going to have to appreciate that type of vibe too.

We would not say this is a beach for someone wanting to relax with little sound around them. You are not going to get that here!

This is more of a beach for those who want to be in the middle of a party and have a good time with other people around. If that is your vibe, you are in the right place. The eateries are great here and there is always music playing here.

Clearwater Beach

The last beach on the list is going to be the gorgeous Clearwater Beach.

We appreciated this gorgeous beach because it’s quiet and charming. The water was almost still when we were walking around and that made it nice to be able to explore everything associated with the beach.

Of course, there were people on the sand walking around.

We didn’t mind this and felt it was a pristine place ideal for vacationers.

Final Thoughts

These are the best beaches in Orlando for those who want to sit on the sand with the sun beaming down.

You are not going to be let down by the experience you are going to get here. It’s world-class and well worth your time.

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