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11+ Busiest Cities In Europe (Expat Guide)

11+ Busiest Cities In Europe (Expat Guide)

Visiting Europe is one of the most fascinating experiences a tourist can have.

We have visited a wide array of European countries and each one has a character of its own. This is why we love the idea of going to these nations and exploring those hidden gems that people often miss.

While all of this is true, sometimes you are just going to end up going to the main tourist destinations in Europe.

This is why it’s important to know more about the busiest cities in Europe.

Here are the eleven busiest cities in Europe and how busy it can get here.

Most Busiest Cities In Europe


London is a unique place and one of the most popular tourist cities on the planet.

We have visited various postcodes in London and even within the city there are unique regions that have a life of their own.

While all of this is true, London is also a place that gets remarkably busy in the summer. When we went in the warmer months of the year, it was packed throughout the city. It didn’t matter where we went because it was always busy.

This included going to places such as Big Ben or even some of the smaller neighborhoods in the city. It was jam-packed in the daytime.

Based on research that has been done, they tend to get 20+ million visitors a year. This is how staggering it can get here.

It is the most visited city in Europe for a reason.


We have spoken about issues in Paris involving cleanliness but also how charming it can be in places such as Disneyland Paris or the various streets of Paris.

It is still one of the most remarkable cities on the planet.

It is not just the Eiffel Tower but also the overall charm of the city. It’s got a unique quality to it that continues to make it a romantic place for couples and also a wonderful tourist destination you are going to want to explore to your heart’s content.

Based on our research, this city tends to have more than 19 million visitors annually.


We have talked about living in Turkey but for a lot of people, Istanbul is simply an outstanding tourist destination with a historic vibe.

If that’s what you are aiming to experience then you are heading to one of the best cities in all of Europe. It’s going to intoxicate you with its charm and that’s what makes it unique.

Due to its charm and the array of landmarks, you are going to be looking at a place that welcomes 14+ million visitors annually.


We went to Rome in October, which was not the worst decision.

It is less packed during this time, but those going in the summer months are going to see a flood of tourists that are going to enter the historic city. It’s one of the most cherished and heralded cities in Italy for a reason.

The renowned landmarks are adored here and you are going to fall in love with them.

This city tends to see 12+ million visitors each year and that number seems to be growing all the time.


It’s common to see expats residing in Amsterdam, but it’s a unique place that is not only easy on the eyes but also relaxing.

We loved our time in Amsterdam but it does get quite busy during certain times of the year. The canals are going to make you fall in love with the gorgeous city and that is just the start as the eateries and cafes are also perfect.

While all of this is true, you are going to be looking at around 8 million visitors annually to this city in the Netherlands.


Most people aren’t chasing snow in Spain, so you are going to be heading straight to a beautiful warm city like Barcelona.

We have spent months in Barcelona and it is one of the most picturesque and fun cities on the planet. You are going to adore this busy city in Europe even though there are quite a few people around including tourists.

When you head to places such as Park Guell, you are going to notice the rush. However, this is just a part of being a tourist in Barcelona.

You are going to be dealing with seven million visitors annually.


Prague is often a hidden gem for people, but it is still quite popular among tourists.

We highly recommend checking out this beautiful nation because it’s full of history and you are going to get to enjoy the type of architecture that’s eye-catching. Plus, the people are wonderful and you are going to get to see gorgeous historic buildings everywhere.

This region tends to get seven million visitors annually and is quite busy.


Vienna is one of those cities that you are going to adore and it’s going to make you want to stay here for months at a time.

This capital city is a top-tier tourist destination because it’s easygoing, and beautiful, and you are going to get to experience a long list of landmarks that are hard to find elsewhere.

However, it does get busy here with tourists and you are going to see 6 million tourists annually come to Vienna.


Whenever people talk about Italy, they are going to mention Rome.

Indeed, Rome is one of those magical tourist cities that is sparkling with history and beauty. We can’t deny this but you are also going to want to check out the bustle of Milan because it’s fascinating to experience.

We took the time to do this and see places such as the Duomo and it was well worth it.

It is a charming place and you are going to meet stylish locals everywhere you go here! Of course, there are also six million tourists that come to Milan each year.


We have spoken about the best islands in Greece, but it’s also important to talk about one of its most iconic cities Athens.

Athens is a remarkable tourist city and it is also a place that is dripping with history.

You are going to adore being able to go to the Acropolis or just walking the streets of Athens for as long as you are here. While you are doing this, you are going to get to mingle with the locals and of course, see tourists all over the place.

It’s common for six million tourists to come to Athens each year.


Germany is one of those robust nations that is a powerhouse in various ways. It simply has a dynamic calmness to it that is going to draw you in.

One of its most-visited cities has to be Berlin.

Berlin is a busy European city but there is a reason for it. It has to do with the culture and how everything vibes in this part of Germany. You are going to adore being able to see the Berlin Wall or take a look at the Pergamon Museum while you are here.

There is so much to do as a tourist.

This is what leads six million plus visitors to come to Berlin each year.

Final Thoughts

These are the most visited cities in Europe and it’s essential to be prepared for this during peak seasons in these locations.

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