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9+ Ways To Buy Discount San Diego Zoo Tickets (Local Approved)

9+ Ways To Buy Discount San Diego Zoo Tickets (Local Approved)

Whether it’s the beautiful Golden Hill Park in San Diego, the gorgeous Butterfly Farm, or the heralded Black’s Beach, certain spots in this beautiful city will always win you over.

One of those spots is going to be the San Diego Zoo.

If you are looking to enjoy the San Diego Zoo, it’s essential to make sure you are finding a good deal. You don’t always have to pay full price for the San Diego Zoo tickets.

Having been to this beautiful zoo several times during our stay in San Diego, it’s possible to find a good deal as long as you know where to look.

Here are the best ways to find discount San Diego Zoo tickets.

Standard Prices At San Diego Zoo

Let’s begin with the general admission fees for the San Diego Zoo.

  • 1 Day Pass – $69 (Adult) and $59 (Child)
  • 1 Day Pass Plus – $76 (Adult) and $66 (Child)
  • 2 Day Pass – $118 (Adult) and $108 (Child)

Please note that children under the age of two are free.

Ways To Buy Discount San Diego Zoo Tickets

Go San Diego Pass

Let’s assume you are going to be seeing different parts of San Diego.

As you put together a list of things to do in San Diego, you are going to realize some of these experiences are going to add up and cost a lot.

What can you do in a situation such as this?

You will want to invest in a city pass. This is a pass that is going to have a single fee for multiple attractions in San Diego and it is known as Go San Diego.

We highly recommend getting this pass because it will save you quite a bit of money.

You should be able to save at least 30-50% overall.

Combination Packages

This is one of the most common methods for buying San Diego Zoo tickets for cheaper.

The idea is to look at discount packages, which are going to come in the form of combo deals. It’s similar to going to a fast-food restaurant and asking for a combo to get a cheaper deal on each item.

If that is what you wish to do, you will want to look at going through the main ticket seller and then looking for combination packages. This is going to mix two features at the zoo that you would usually pay for separately and combine them.

This can let you get a much cheaper deal on the San Diego Zoo tickets.

Vacation Packages

If you are going to be traveling to San Diego then it makes sense to consider choosing a comprehensive vacation package.

These packages are known to offer discounted deals on various tourist attractions in San Diego. Why not take advantage of this?

Look to see if you can save on tickets to the San Diego Zoo. It’s common for this to occur and you will get a real discount on other elements of the vacation including your accommodations.

Trusted Tours

This is a straightforward option where you are going to go through Trusted Tours.

This is a reseller that is going to offer cheaper San Diego Zoo tickets for those who want to visit the location and have a great time. It is common for the fees to be much cheaper as soon as you go through this reseller.

It is common for the price to be at least 5% off.

AAA Tickets

Are you an AAA member?

If so, it is time to take advantage of your membership right away. The reason you are going to want to do this is due to the 10% discount that is made available to those who are AAA members.

You can do this for multiple San Diego Zoo tickets in one go.

This is ideal as you are going to have no trouble calling the branch and getting the discount.

Military Discount

Do you have an association with the military?

Those who are in the armed forces or might have a family member who is in the armed forces can end up saving quite a bit.

You can move forward with a 1-day pass to the zoo that is going to be on the house.

This is great for those who are already serving in the military. You can go in for free.

For the rest of your family, you will get a 10% discount, which is quite useful.

San Diego CityPASS

This is similar to the sightseeing pass that has already been listed above.

This is a good option for those who are targeting specific tourist attractions in San Diego and know those are the only spots they are going to want to see during their time in the city.

When that is the case, the San Diego CityPASS is going to shine.

This is a heralded pass because it gives you a discounted deal on a wide array of tourist attractions in the city.

This includes the San Diego Zoo.

October Is Free For Kids

Yes, you read that right.

October is a great time to visit the San Diego Zoo for families. If you have kids that are under the age of 11 then this is the best time of the year to go to the San Diego Zoo.

What is the reason for this?

They tend to run a promotion during this time of the year where you are going to have to pay nothing for kids under the age of 11 as long as you buy your ticket as an adult.

This should save you quite a bit of money if you have multiple kids under the age of 11.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips for getting discounted San Diego Zoo tickets.

The process is not going to take a long time and you will not have to pay full price. Keep it simple and use one of these methods to save a lot.

Have a great time at the location while enjoying great San Diego Zoo food along the way.

In the end, this is how you are going to have a good time at the zoo and save too.