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10+ Best Fruits Of Spain (Local Guide)

10+ Best Fruits Of Spain (Local Guide)

Whether it’s snowing in Spain or not, you are always on the hunt for good food.

We have talked about eating fish in Spain, but what about Spanish fruits?

We are healthy eaters, so it’s always nice to mix fruits into our diet when we are traveling. The same applies to those who are going to be in Spain but before doing this, it’s important to know what the top Spanish fruits are.

Most tourists are not going to know what to look for and what to try.

This is where we come in.

We are going to list the best fruits from Spain and what makes them great.

Top Fruits Of Spain

Custard Apples

This is known as a Chirimoya and it’s quite popular among the locals.

The custard apple might not be heard of in other places but it’s outstanding. Since you are in Spain, it’s important to give it a shot because the taste is outstanding.

It has a green body that is going to make it seem hearty. It has black seeds and it is delightful to eat during peak season as the weather cools down.


Most people enjoy avocados and that is not just in Spain.

We tend to eat them wherever we go but there is a heightened popularity with this fruit in Spain and you are going to feel this as soon as you are walking through the local market. They tend to showcase avocados a lot more than other fruits because of the demand.

The quality of the avocados in Spain is also exceptional. We were impressed as it was juicy and had the right taste.

Plus, avocados are good for you and that alone should make it a must-buy for those in Spain. The best avocados are going to come when it’s cooler.


If you are thinking of one fruit that is synonymous with Spain then it’s going to be a persimmon.

Persimmons are heralded in Spain and it’s across the country. The fruit has been popular for hundreds of years and has been grown locally ever since. There is a certain sweetness to this fruit that’s hard to bet and people adore the flavor profile.

We found the persimmons in this part of the world to be outstanding. They are easy to bite into and the taste is exceptional.

Get it from a local market to enjoy the purity of the fruit.


Blueberries are not the first thing you are going to think about when you are in Spain, but the quality of this fruit in Spain cannot be underestimated.

More and more Spaniards are starting to consume blueberries because of how sweet they are.

They tend to taste great here and just the quality of the blueberries being spread throughout Spain is outstanding.

Cavendish Bananas

These are fascinating bananas and are as sweet as you would want them to be.

The warmth of the banana is what is going to win you over. We were thoroughly impressed by the local markets because their cavendish bananas were amazing to eat.

They were yellow and had brown spots that indicated how ripe they were. We were able to get a good batch and the taste was even better than we had imagined.

Prickly Pear

The name is going to make you wonder whether or not this is a good idea.

We were in the same boat.

However, this is one of the most scrumptious fruits on the list. You are going to have to be careful to go to the right provider as they will get rid of the needles. However, once you get past the prickly part, you are going to have access to a fruit that tastes amazing.


Most people are going to go to a place such as Grenada and hear about the quince fruit.

This is a specific type of fruit that is nutritious and easy to eat.

Its look is more like an apple but the taste is going to be different. It is sweeter and that adds to its appeal when the weather is warm. We loved having this here and there because it was so easy to bite into.


We didn’t have fig separately when we were in Spain.

We had a meal where fig was used as an ingredient but it stood out for all the right reasons. There was a purity to this fruit and that is what was added to it once they mixed it with the rest of the ingredients in the dish.

Just an outstanding fruit and one that is going to be a part of your flavor profile when you are going to different Spanish restaurants in the nation.


Pomegranates are great in Spain and you are often going to find them in Valencia.

Of course, they are available in other parts of Spain too but the best ones were in Valencia. The purity and quality of the pomegranates here were amazing because they were consistently good.

You can tell there is a sweetness to them that is not always readily available in other countries. This is what makes it a great buy.


Guavas are great in Spain.

Now, they are not going to be as good as what you would get closer to the equator but they are still amazing nonetheless.

We were quite happy with the guavas we got to find in the major Spanish cities and it was easy to eat them on the go.

We loved guava juice which was also sold in different parts of Spain.

Final Thoughts

These are the best fruits in Spain.

Whether you are eating blueberries or guavas, you are always going to want to try out the fruits from the local markets. The selection is always great and you are going to get to try fruits that you otherwise would not be able to.

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