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The History Of Christopher Columbus In Italy (Guide)

The History Of Christopher Columbus In Italy (Guide)

While shopping for Italian souvenirs, we learned a lot about Christopher Columbus in Italy.

When you are traveling, you get to learn about interesting tidbits throughout your time in the region. One of the more intriguing names that popped up was Christopher Columbus.

We hopped on the internet in Italy, while we enjoyed the Italian summer hoping to learn more about the history of this explorer.

It wasn’t just about going to northern Italy for fun but to also learn about the history of the nation as a whole.

Even those who live in Italy have heard of Columbus.

Let’s take a look at who Christopher Columbus was and his history when it came to Italy.

Defining Christopher Columbus

It’s important to start with the basics.

Was Columbus Italian or was he a Spaniard?

It might be a bit of both because the one certain thing is Christopher Columbus was born in Genova Italy. This means he has an intricate connection to Italy due to his birth being in the country.

At the time, he was born in a multi-level property where his father used to work.

Of course, this does not mean he was 100% Italian. There are reports out there that he was also linked to different parts of Spain, which is why there is confusion about his background. Based on what we have researched, he likely had family in both parts and that’s where the confusion comes from.

It was as he started to grow older that he became infatuated with the idea of being in the water and exploring the world. He worked on his craft every day and wanted to map the world and just explore as much of what was out there as explore.

It was a trait that he carried with him for his entire life.

It’s important to note that Columbus also took the time to stay at the Monastery La Rabita in Spain. It was a place where he took the time to work on his theories and it was a tranquil spot he cherished.

It was a monastery, which meant it was common for people to stay there and receive comfort. It was the same for Columbus and he had a lovely time there.

Christopher Columbus’ Personal Life

Christopher Columbus was known for being passionate about his craft and exploration, which meant he never got into other things that younger men would at the time.

He was married to Filippa Perestrello-Monix for a few years before she passed away and he had a son with her. He then went on to live with Beatriz Enriquez de Arana and had a second son with her named Hernando Colon.

Christopher Columbus And His Journey

It’s common for people to talk about the journey but it’s also important to consider the planning that went into getting it right.

He had to make sure he was heading in the right direction and taking a reasonable route to where he wanted to go.

This included finding a safe route that would take him from Europe to India.

He started finding funding to make sure his exploration trip was possible. There was intrigue among the leaders because the spices were valuable among the locals and it was great to find a good trade partner in this manner.

Spanish royalty decided it was best to back him and that’s what they did. They gave him a deal where he would get to keep 10% of what he received through his trip.

It was in 1492 when he decided it was time to start the voyage to India.

He took the time to prepare his ship and then headed out. This is what caused them to head towards another part of the world where they found an island, which is now known as the Bahamas.

They continued to search around and they found a variety of islands during their time searching around.

As he gained more experience, he started to prepare for a more extensive voyage, which included going to places such as Haiti and Jamaica. Of course, he was looking for something far more profitable, but all of these experiences were also empowering for him.

He would continue with his voyages as he kept going back to look for more. He spent time in places such as Venezuela while doing this and it would often be for a few months at a time.

The Death Of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was not an old man when he passed away and died in his 50s.

His body is currently in Spain and buried in the Seville Cathedral.

He wanted to be buried in one of the places he discovered but that wish remained unfulfilled. He ended up staying buried in Spain and that’s where his body is to this day.

It’s unfortunate for Columbus that his ultimate goal was not fulfilled either. This included being able to deliver on his initial promise of a route that would take Spain from Europe to India in a straight line. He was unable to do this and of course, found other parts of the world while looking for India.

Christopher Columbus in Spain

We know Christopher Columbus is famous in Italy because he was born there but it’s also important to note that he was thoroughly important to Spain.

He is widely celebrated in Spain for being one of the nation’s greatest explorers.

He has various statues set up around the nation and it’s common for tourists to check them out when they are in the country.

We find this to be an exciting part of any trip out to Spain. Of course, you can do the same thing when you are in Italy as you can even go to where he was born when you are there.

Final Thoughts

This is what you need to know about Christopher Columbus and his history in Europe.

He was an important figure in the world and continues to be celebrated to this day.