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Is Dubai In Asia? (Tourist Guide)

Is Dubai In Asia? (Tourist Guide)

We have explored Dubai malls, Dubai night clubs, and even talked about the heat in Dubai, it’s a fascinating experience to be in this part of the world.

Of course, this also is a region that’s confused for being in other continents due to its positioning on the planet.

We have heard people say Dubai is in Asia.

Since we spent time in Dubai in July, it’s best to dig deeper into understanding its geographical position and why it can become confusing for some people.

Before looking into this, it’s important to understand Dubai is a city/emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is what would be called a “country” in the geographical sense.

Now, let’s see if Dubai is in Asia or not.

Where Is Dubai?

Dubai is located in the Middle East, which is situated in Africa. This means the continent Dubai is in would be Africa and not Asia.

We do understand the confusion as it is right in the middle of the two continents making it difficult to pinpoint which continent Dubai is in.

It’s also important to note that Dubai is not a country. This is why if you are going to be talking about Dubai then you will also be talking about the location of the UAE as a whole. This is going to apply to all of the emirates within the country.

All of these emirates are interlinked. They include Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah, and Ras Al Kaimah. This makes it easy to go from one to the next as soon as you are in the UAE.

These are the seven emirates within the country.

One of the main reasons people assume Dubai is in Asia comes down to the Red Sea. It is situated in a manner where it feels separate from the rest of the African continent despite being signified as a part of that region.

This helps create a natural interpretation to lump Dubai or the UAE with the rest of Asia.

It’s also important to note the culture of Dubai is different from the rest of Africa. This is due to the Middle East having a distinct culture and then this being further differentiated within the UAE as it has developed over the years.

As a result, most people will associate Dubai with Asia.

Location Of Dubai

It’s also important to consider where Dubai as an emirate is situated within the UAE.

It’s close to the Gulf of Oman or the Persian Gulf. This demonstrates which part of the UAE it’s located in. The beautiful water parks of Dubai or the charming tourist attractions are all on this side of the country and not where the Mediterranean Sea meets the UAE.

Dubai was founded in 1971 and has developed consistently since then. This has to do with its emphasis on not only oil production but also tourism making it one of the most famous tourist places on the planet these days.

We have to further analyze Dubai’s location and its neighbors to know why it is considered Asian when it is not. If you look at the neighbors, it is going to include India, Afghanistan, and of course the other Middle Eastern nations.

This has created a connection to Asia despite it being African.

This was also further cemented by the migrants in Dubai which come from Asian countries. There is a certain culture that has developed within the region and this has led people to assume it is an Asian country when that is incorrect.

Final Thoughts

Dubai is situated in Africa and it is seen as an African city geographically.

The UAE is the nation in which Dubai is a city/emirate. This country is a part of Africa and should be seen as an African country despite all of the variables we have mentioned.

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