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Rue Montorgueil Market (Local Guide)

Rue Montorgueil Market (Local Guide)

When observing the best streets in Paris, it’s common to have the name rue Montorgueil pop up. It’s a fascinating part of this beautiful city and well worth exploring.

You can find good Paris macarons, Paris coffee shops, and more all in one spot when you are here and that’s what makes it worth checking out.

When you aren’t visiting French castles, it’s time to head over to this breathtaking and vibrant street in Paris for a unique experience.

When we were on rue Montorgueil, we intended to explore the street and see what it was all about. We ended up spending a few hours here because the options were limitless and it was bustling with life on the weekend.

Anyone who wants to mingle with the locals, enjoy good French food, and simply see what Paris is all about will want to head straight to the rue Montorgueil market.

Here is more on what this market is all about.

What Makes Rue Montorgueil Special In Paris?

This is an important question before diving deeper into what you should check out at rue Montorgueil.

In general, this is a passionate Paris street that is bubbling with life. Wherever you turn or look, you are going to be welcomed by French elegance and charm. This is something we vibed with as soon as we were in rue Montorgueil.

It’s common to see people walking about with a coffee in hand simply enjoying the beauty of rue Montorgueil. This is an experience we wanted to have too and the number of food options blew us away. It’s seen as a food paradise for a reason.

You are going to have high-quality French cuisine all around you on rue Montorgueil.

This includes all types of restaurants, delis, and coffee shops. Whatever you want to consume, you are going to find it here and that’s what makes it great.

Things To Do On Rue Montorgueil

Eglise Saint Eustache

One of the first things on the list is going to be this remarkable church on the street. It’s a mesmerizing structure that has been around since the 1500s and is quite the sight. It is dripping with history making it a must-see landmark in the area.

Take the time to tour the building and see what it is all about. The enthralling experience is going to set the tone when you are here.


Pastries are an essential part of mornings in Paris.

This is something you are going to set out to enjoy whether you are a local or a tourist. Stohrer is one of the most impressive options in the area for those who want to get their hands on premier baked goods all in one spot.

We were mesmerized by the quality of the location and how clean it was along with their menu. The attention to detail was fascinating and it shows how long they have taken to fine-tune everything based on the customer’s needs.

This includes their customer service and how refined the quality of their baked goods is.

You are going to be spoiled for choice while you are here and it’s common for people to spend a lot of time here.

Passage du Grand Cerf

It’s common for people to want to simply explore Paris.

This means checking out the various markets, streets, and bridges in the area. While doing this, we recommend one of the premier passages in Paris when you take the time to head to rue Montorgueil.

This is right next door and it is well worth visiting.

This is a passage that is special to the area and it’s covered. You are going to be in awe of how it looks and it is going to offer a unique look at French architectural design.

Best Cafes On Rue Montorgueil

For those in the area, the first thing you are going to care about will be the top coffee shops on rue Montorgueil.

Where can a coffee lover go when they are here?

You are going to be impressed by the number of coffee shops on rue Montorgueil and it will shine a light on what makes this a foodie capital. You are going to get to pick and choose from several cafes on rue Montorgueil before deciding what’s best for you.

Here are a few that we tried.

Cafe Montorgueil

This was an excellent location because it was well-rounded, welcoming, and the prices were good. We took the time to order a coffee and then go through their baked goods to see what worked for our taste buds at the time.

In general, the baked goods were impressive and the ambiance was right in line with the rest of the area.

Au Rocher de Cancal

This was another ideal coffee shop in the area.

The reason we liked this cafe had to do with its beautiful design as soon as you enter. The historical architectural details are illuminated as soon as you walk in and that does elevate the charm of being here in the first place.

Along with the architectural details, the coffee is world-class and is going to impress right away.

Cafe du Centre

We found Cafe du Centre to be a premium cafe in the area and worth visiting.

For those who are in the area, you are going to want to make sure to visit a location such as this because the food is impressive. It’s not just the coffee, but also the food.

A lot of people will sit outside when they are here because of the beautiful views.

Where Is Rue Montorgueil In Paris?

It’s important to know how to get there when you are looking for Rue Montorgueil in Paris.

For the most part, it’s going to be close to the heart of Paris and it is easy to get to it by taking the metro to Sentier.

This is going to drop you close to rue Montorgueil and will ensure you arrive at your destination in the right spot. It won’t take long to walk from the station after you are dropped at Sentier.

Final Thoughts

This is an experience you can’t order on Amazon France, which makes it important to enjoy what you are doing when you’re at rue Montorgueil because it will be worth it.

If you are in the area, this is a street you are going to want to go to.

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