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11+ Best Places In South Korea Countryside (Hidden Gems)

11+ Best Places In South Korea Countryside (Hidden Gems)

From the beautiful places of Korea to the charming winters of Korea, there is always something appealing for tourists to enjoy in this nation.

We adore the beauty of this region and all that it has to offer.

This is essential for those who want to learn more about the history of South Korea and why it continues to be an appealing spot for tourists worldwide.

We have seen various parts of South Korea and believe its countryside is remarkable. We would say it’s also underrated.

For those not going just for skiing in Korea, it’s time to look at the top places in the South Korean countryside.

Best Places In South Korea Countryside

Naejangsae National Park

If you are going to be spending time in South Korea’s countryside then it’s best to consider the Naejangsae National Park.

This is an aesthetically pleasing place that is full of greenery, offers beautiful photo settings, and simply delivers a quaint experience. We highly recommend this for those who want to experience the natural colors of Korea all in one place.

Naejangsae National Park is a stunning place and it’s close to Jeollanam.

We found this to be an exceptional place that’s easy on the eyes and is well worth taking a look at in greater detail.


This part of the world is often appreciated for its flowers.

Jinhae is a part of Changwon City and tends to be a must-see destination for those who adore cherry blossoms. This is a favorite setting for many locals and tourists because of the overall nature of the flowers and how they are spread throughout Jinhae-gu.

We took the time to walk around in Korea and then visited Jinhae.


We often ask the locals residing in Korea as to what is the best place in South Korea’s countryside and the one name that often comes up is Boseong.

Boseong is a part of the South Jeolla Province and is quite the sight.

Locals often talk about this due to the plants in the area. A lot of work is done here to grow these plants and this tends to craft an enthralling experience for those who want to be in a natural setting.

We love walking through the fields here and it’s common for people to also enjoy a bit of the green tea that’s famous from this part of Korea.


Gyeongju is an exceptional city in Korea.

We have seen a wide array of cities throughout Korea and it’s common for people to talk about Seoul, but this is one quaint city that is unique and charming.

You do not want to underestimate the overall ambiance of being in Gyeongju. The people are welcoming and it’s just full of history.


Damyang is a part of Jeollanamdo and is a treat for the eyes.

We enjoyed our time here because it was relaxing to walk through the area. There are so many trees in this region and that’s what makes it special. You are going to feel closer to the planet when you are strolling around and that’s what makes it appealing.

You are going to adore the fresh breeze that spreads throughout the county and its essence is going to blow you away.


Seosan is a unique place because it’s well-designed.

You will often see locals spending time walking through the sanctuaries in the area or enjoying the famous theme park in Seosan. If you are going to be heading to this side of Korea, you are going to want to have Seosan on your list.

It is a beautiful place that is full of impressive wildlife and you are going to fall in love with how beautiful it is.


The spring of Gurye can be a pleasant sight for all.

If you are visiting Jeollanam-do, you are going to want to head to Gurye. This is a charming province and it is an exemplary location for those who want to be by the river or want to immerse themselves in the local culture.

We took the time to walk through the trees in this part of Korea and just relax for a few days. It was a cozy province that had a little bit of everything.


The enthralling beauty of Neosan is hard to beat.

We love how magical everything is in this city. It’s full of color, vibrant, and just has an ambiance to it that will make you fall in love.

A lot of people will know this place from pop culture but it has a personality of its own. You are going to fall in love with this city as it is situated in Chungcheongnam-do and is adorable during the summer.


We know some people are going to be particular about immersing themselves in Korean culture.

If so, Andong is a good place to go in comparison to a place such as Seoul. This is due to how the locals behave and how they tend to follow the historic customs commonly associated with Korea.

You will get to enjoy this in a relaxing setting that is welcoming. We adore that about Andong because it’s unique, fun, and also great for those who want to learn more about Korean history.

Seonjaedo Island

This island is a remarkable place in Korea.

If you are going to the countryside in Korea, you are often going to hear about Seonjaedo Island. This island is beautiful and it is in Incheon.

What makes it special?

We love how the sand settles under your feet as you are walking around or the way the water streams in. It’s a sight to behold and it’s something you are going to adore as you are strolling around on the island making the most of your experience.


Jeonju is the real deal for those who are attempting to dig deeper into the history of Korea.

A lot of work has been done to preserve these historical elements in Jeonju and that’s what helps it stand out. This is a village that you would have seen in the olden times and that’s important for those who want to immerse themselves in the local Korean culture.

You are going to get a full dose of it here in Jeonju.

Final Thoughts

These are the top places in the South Korean countryside.

Add a few of these regions to your itinerary and learn more about what makes Korea special.

Take the time to also look at the top cafes in Seoul and our favorite saunas in Korea.