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Winds in Greece – What Is Meltemi Wind? (Local Guide)

Winds in Greece – What Is Meltemi Wind? (Local Guide)

We have explored Kavala Greece and spent time in Preveza, but it’s important to note the experience of the Meltemi Winds.

When we were speaking to locals, it was mentioned a few times and we became intrigued by the idea of the Meltemi Winds in Greece.

This includes understanding what they are all about and how they work.

We are going to dive deeper into what the Meltemi Winds in Greece are and the general experience of dealing with them.

About The Meltemi Wind In Greece

The Aegean Sea is situated along the side of Greece and plays an integral role in this natural phenomenon that occurs along the Greek Islands.

We have experienced these winds a few times, which can be fascinating as a tourist.

In essence, the Meltemi Wind in Greece is also known as Meltem among the locals.

The general premise of the winds has to do with its yearly occurrence. There is a time when the winds become far more extreme and noticeable as you are walking around. There are also certain times of the day when you are going to notice the winds more than others.

For example, when we used to step outside, we would often notice the winds getting stronger when the sun was at its peak in the middle of the day. It slowed down a bit as the moon came out.

Based on what we have experienced, the Greek Meltemi Winds happen during a specific time of the year between the summer and fall months.

They tend to start at the end of May and then go well into the fall months closer to the end of October. This does not mean they are non-stop, but they will occur throughout the week at different times.

The Meltemi winds can become quite strong and have been reported to get up to 21 knots. This is significant and there are certain reports where unique days have even gotten up to 30+ knots depending on where you are in Greece.

As you can imagine, this is quite noticeable!

Where Do The Meltemi Winds In Greece Happen?

If you are a tourist in Greece, you are going to be wondering about the location of the Meltemi winds within the nation.

For the most part, the Meltemi winds are associated with the Aegean Sea, which means the northern part of Greece will be most affected.

We have noticed the winds of Greece in Mykonos, but they also take place on other Greek islands too.

Local state it’s common for the winds to occur in Crete, Paros, and Amorgos throughout this time of the year, while the southern part of Greece remains untouched.

If you look at the western islands of Greece, you will notice these winds are not going to impact them. The wind tends to be steady here. Of course, there are other issues to contend with in these regions including the potential for natural disasters such as hurricanes.

It is not common but still something to be aware of.

Is The Meltemi Wind Dangerous?

No, we wouldn’t say the Meltemi Wind in Greece is dangerous.

Of course, if you are in the water and sailing around, this is something to keep a note of. Weather forecasts will often pinpoint what the underlying issue is for those who are going to be heading into the water during this time of the year.

For those on land, it is not going to be much of a concern.

In our case, it felt good to walk with the wind because it kept us cool. Of course, this is not always ideal for those who are going to be close to the water too. You aren’t going to feel as relaxed with the wind blowing in from the sea as you sit on warm sand.

If you are looking to stay safe in Greece with the Meltemi Winds then we would recommend going indoors during these phases. However, if you stay away from the water, you are going to be fine walking outdoors too!

If you want to stay indoors, there are numerous restaurants and shops for you to choose from in various parts of Greece. You don’t have to be outdoors.

We would look at trying out those spots when you are out and about. It will be a nice change and it will allow you to also mix in outdoor activities when the wind is calmer outside.

We had various things to do and it was okay to spend a few hours indoors during our time in northern Greece.

Final Thoughts

This is what you need to know about the winds in Greece and what the Meltemi Wind is all about.

You are going to have a lovely time in Greece even with the winds around. Just prepare yourself by looking at the weather forecast and don’t go into the water when it is windy.

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