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11+ Best Islands In The Cyclades (Tourist Guide)

11+ Best Islands In The Cyclades (Tourist Guide)

We have mentioned the Greece winds and spent time in Prevala, but now it’s time to head to the Cyclades in Greece.

Whether you want to see the odd shark in Greece or are looking to party on an island in Greece, some stand out more than the others.

We have visited this part of Greece multiple times and it’s simply outstanding. The natural beauty and the ambiance are exceptional.

When you go to places such as Santorini and Mykonos, you will begin to appreciate the charm of these islands.

Let’s take a look at the best islands in the Cyclades.

Top Islands In The Cyclades


There is one place that’s going to stand out more than any other island in Greece and that’s going to be Santorini.

We cannot say enough good things about this gorgeous Greek island. It’s got everything you are going to want when you are in the Cyclades.

It’s a premier tourist destination for a reason!

When you come here, you are going to notice the white architecture from one end to the other. You are also going to see the crystal clear water, beautiful streets, and the party vibe that is present on the island because of the tourism.

You will want to join in on the fun.


Andros is an underrated island in Greece.

We adore this place because it’s got gorgeous beaches with warm sand and delightful views. The photos you can end up taking here are going to blow you away.

We also took the time to go hiking here.

It’s known for being a hiking heaven and you are going to love it here as you pick the various trails to hike on. We do recommend doing this when you are on the island.


Paros is an impressive island in the Cyclades for those who are looking to spend time among the locals and also enjoy the warm sandy beaches.

It has a bit of everything.

We adore the ambiance of Paros because it’s a bit calmer than the other islands. This is ideal for those who want a bit of time off to relax and enjoy what’s happening around them. If that is something you appreciate, you are going to want to head out to Paros.
Let’s continue this Cyclades travel guide with Paros.


Amorgos is a fascinating place because the villages here are wonderful.

You are going to get to learn a lot about Greek history when you are here hiking around. We took the time to walk on the various trails in Amorgos while enjoying the natural beauty of the island.

This is when you are going to get to go to these villages such as Langada.

We would also take the time to see the various attractions on the island. It is a beautiful place.


Delos is not the same as the other islands.

It’s secluded and most people are not going to be heading out to this island compared to the others. When you are comparing it to Santorini or Mykonos, this is a Greek island that is relatively calmer.

You are going to take a short tour of the island and then head back.

The reason most people come here has to do with the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island. This is going to let you visit some of the temples that are set up here.


Ios is appreciated for its natural beauty and how wonderful it is when you are looking to have a bit of fun.

We know most people are going to be looking at one of the main Greek islands when it’s time to entertain yourselves, but why not make the most of Ios?

This is a gorgeous island.

It’s a great party island and you are going to enjoy the various bars in place. This makes it a beautiful place to be.


Milos is a unique Greek island.

This island is one of those fascinating places because it has so many beautiful beaches for you to choose from. It’s almost an endless list, which makes it fun to visit.

Milos has gorgeous cliffs that you are going to notice as soon as you arrive. This makes it a different type of island compared to the others and one you are going to want to explore in greater detail.


Mykonos is the real deal.

The only Greek island that is going to be able to compete with this is going to be Santorini. There is a reason so many people come to Mykonos from around the world to have fun.

Tourism is big here and rightly so.

This is a gorgeous party island in Greece and is going to bring you to life as soon as you are here. We adore this island and it has everything a partygoer is going to want in one place.


Naxos is a remarkable Greek island.

We love this island because there is so much space. You are going to enjoy being able to walk around on the beach and still have open spaces to stroll without having to bump into other people.

The tranquility of Naxos is what makes it a winner.

We love Naxos because of its gorgeous beaches and of course its people.


Syros is a busy place, but this does not mean it is a party island.

This is more of a traditional island in the Cyclades, where you will see the locals spending a lot of time just making the most of the good weather.

It is not a large island but it’s a beautiful one.

We liked this island because it has gorgeous architecture and being able to walk around the city was a lot of fun. It was a change of pace from the other islands where parties were happening throughout the night.


Tinos is gorgeous but it is also heralded for being a premier pilgrimage island.

This is a place of religion.

Orthodox Greeks take the time to head out to the churches here and pray. This makes it quite calming and unique compared to some of the other islands on the list.

We would recommend spending a bit of time here.

Final Thoughts

These are the premier islands in the Cyclades.

You are going to adore your time here with so many islands to choose from.

Of course, the average person is going to want to start with Santorini or Mykonos, but other hidden gems on this list are worth visiting too.