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Does It Snow In Milan? (Tourist Guide)

Does It Snow In Milan? (Tourist Guide)

Visiting northern Italy is always fun and we enjoy the beauty of a place such as Milan.

When staying in Italy, you are going to learn about the little quirks associated with the city. Most people assume going to the north is going to make it colder and that’s true.

However, does it snow in Milan?

This is a question we tend to get asked by those who have never been to the city in the winter. Since we know how popular this question is, we are going to take the time to shed light on the matter.

This is going to include how the snow was in Milan and what to consider if you are going to Milan in the winter.

Let’s take a look at snow in Milan and what it encompasses.

Snow In Milan

While Milan is in the north, it does not receive a lot of snow during the winter.

It’s rare to see snow on the ground in this part of Italy even when it’s cold. So, if you are coming to Milan to see snow, you are not going to get what you want.

Does this mean it never snows in Milan?

No, it does snow but it only happens a day or two throughout the year. Otherwise, it simply stays cold during the winters.

Over time, it has started to snow less in this part of Italy. This is simply due to the way the weather has changed throughout the world with it getting warmer compared to the past.

This is also impacting Milan.

If you do want to see snow, we would recommend heading to the Alps. This is the best place to see a bit of the colder weather when it comes to snow.

Winter In Milan

So, how is the weather in Milan if it does not snow a lot?

The weather is going to include rain and it’s going to be chilly. Most people do notice the increase in rain throughout the city and it’s something you are going to want to dress for.

We would put on a warm jacket to make sure you feel cozy when you are walking outside. It does get even colder in the night.

Some people state that it is possible to deal with hail in the area too. It’s common in these parts when it’s colder, so you might get caught in one too!

Places To See Snow Near Milan

Let’s assume you do want to see a proper winter in Italy.

Where are you going to go if you are in Milan?

We would recommend heading to Brixen or Turin. This is where you are going to see snow on the ground but it is going to take a few hours to get there.

Most people do head to the Alps when it’s time to enjoy the winter. This is something to consider if you are passionate about snow and want to see it while being able to complete winter activities such as snowboarding.

We have spent time at Brixen and it’s a gorgeous place.

You are going to love the overall ambiance of the resorts in this region and it’s a lot of fun to be here.

We often see people head out to these areas when it’s time to ski. Winter sports are still a big thing in this part of Italy, so you are going to have many locals that head out for the experience. We would recommend doing the same for those who love their winter sports.

You are going to have a lovely time and it’s not too far from Milan.

We took the time to head out there by train and it didn’t take long at all. Others like to drive to these regions and that is going to take a few hours too.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it snows in Milan but now as much as you would think.

This is one of the more charming regions in the country and you are going to have a lovely time when you are here. It is going to offer the type of beauty that is going to allow you to fall in love with the region and all that it has to offer.

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