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11+ Best Restaurants In Indian Rocks Florida (Local Approved)

11+ Best Restaurants In Indian Rocks Florida (Local Approved)

When you aren’t taking a day trip from Tampa or visiting a small town in Florida, it’s time to look at the top eateries in Indian Rocks.

We cherished our time in Indian Rocks and felt it was a fascinating region in the state of Florida. The people are wonderful and there are so many eateries to choose from.

You are going to be spoiled for choice!

We know you are going to be intrigued by figuring out which ones are the best restaurants in Indian Rocks and what makes them wonderful.

We are going to dig into this for you and showcase our favorites in the region. Here are the top Indian Rocks restaurants in Florida.

Top Restaurants In Indian Rocks

Watercolor Grillhouse

Watercolor Grillhouse is one of the premier restaurants in the region.

We loved the ambiance because it’s classy and upscale with a beautiful view. What more could you want when you are in this part of the state?

They offer some of the best meat-based meals in the area and we could not get enough of it. The general atmosphere was welcoming and you could tell the customer service was on point. We highly recommend this as a great place to get grilled meat.

Caddy’s Indian Shores

Being close to the water and just enjoying the view is a big part of coming to this area. Indian Rocks is home to Caddy’s, which has long been appreciated for its fascinating seafood.

We decided to enjoy some of the seafood and were surprised by the vibe at this restaurant. It’s not dull and there is always something going on including live performances.

What more could you want when you’re looking for something different in Indian Rocks?


Seabreeze is often the first restaurant people are going to mention in the region because it offers excellent customer service, a well-rounded menu, and some of the best drinks in the area.

If you are looking for good alcohol, you are going to find it at Seabreeze.

They are attentive when it comes to serving you and the meals are tailored to match those requirements. We were quite happy with Seabreeze and felt it was done the right way.

Salt Public House

Salt Public House does not disappoint when it comes to giving high-quality American food you are not going to find in other parts.

We adored the seasoning that was used for the various foods and their seafood was great too. The overall experience here was exceptional and we do recommend this for anyone wanting high-grade seafood in Indian Rocks.

Bon Appetit

Imagine being able to go to a restaurant that has been designed to sit close to the water and remain calm at the same time.

When we went to Bon Appetit, we could only be mesmerized by how tranquil the setting was. It was wonderful and relaxing in a way that other restaurants don’t match.

We loved the view and the food was great too!

It’s a real winner for those who want to go on a quiet date in the area.

Columbia Restaurant

When you are looking to learn more about the region and its history with food, you are going to want to head straight to the beautiful Columbia Restaurant.

This is a world-class restaurant and it has been running for decades.

You are going to be impressed by the customer service and the unique fusion of cultures when it comes to the menu. They have Spanish influences throughout the cuisine and that adds to the flavor profile. We had a lovely time eating here.


If you are someone who is going to be spending a few days in Indian Rocks then we are going to want to recommend heading to Shepherd’s earlier in the day.

This is when you are going to enjoy their beautiful ambiance and also eat good breakfast items. They tend to offer some of the best breakfast in Indian Rocks and the service is fast.

When you want something early in the morning, you are going to want to come here. The views are also wonderful.

Guppy’s On the Beach

The name suggests the type of experience you are going to get when you are here.

It’s settled on the beach, which means you are going to get to enjoy beautiful views of Indian Rocks Beach and still get to eat high-grade food.

We took the time to order grouper tacos and could not believe how wonderful they were. The seasoning was perfect and the tacos were crisp in a way that is hard to beat!

You are going to love it here and there are numerous options to choose from.

Island Way Grill

Island Way Grill is renowned for its seafood because they take the time to prepare each meal carefully. You can tell how detail-oriented they are with how they take the order and the types of ingredients they use for these meals.

We were impressed because their service was quick at the same time.

As for the establishment, it was clean and professional. We liked this about Island Way Grill and felt this elevated their aesthetic.


Sculley’s is known for being an extension of the region’s history with food.

The seafood at this waterfront restaurant is immaculate. We were impressed by how well-managed the restaurant was and it was close to Madeira Beach.

We had a lovely time at the location and it was common to see people coming throughout the time we were there. It is a popular joint for a reason the views are great and it is in a prime location.

Caddy’s John’s Pass

The last name is going to be Caddy’s but this time we are going to be looking at the one at John’s Pass.

This is a fascinating place and we were happy to have a few drinks when we went to this Caddy’s. The attention to detail with the waterfront views cannot be overlooked.

You are going to be happy spending a few hours here and the view is going to showcase the natural beauty of the area.

Final Thoughts

These are the best Indian Rocks restaurants in Florida.

Indian Rocks is home to some of the best restaurants and these are the ones that are going to shine as soon as you are in this part of Florida.

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